We are a team that play for fun and can simply be described as a mixture of 'good', 'bad' and many 'ugly' (skills wise anyway!). 

We take part in competitions as much as we can and, now and then, bring some 'silver' home. 

Floorball is not a common sport in the UK but growing steadily. However, worldwide there are over a million players with the majority of them playing in the Nordic countries as well as Switzerland and Czech Republic. In recent years the popularity of the game has risen sharply. Although the official name of the sport is 'floorball', in various countries it is also known as 'innebandy', 'salibandy', and 'unihockey'. In December 2008 floorball received provisonal IOC recognition (more...)

Floorball is a combination of ice-hockey, roller-hockey, and field hockey. It is an indoor sport that is fast and breathtaking - a fun team sport for everyone: men, women, young and old, anyone can play it!

Feel free to join us at a practice session and find out what floorball is all about - we have spare sticks - you just need to turn up in your trainers! 

For further information email or call one of the club Contacts.