Bridges: Children, Languages,World

Bringing World Language and Culture Instruction to Children in the Monroe County Area

Bridges: Children, Languages, World World is a project that offers exploratory language and culture classes to young learners in the greater Bloomington, Indiana area. Knowing that learning world language at an early age enhances linguistic ability overall, the central goal of Bridges is to ignite interest in learning about different languages and cultures and inspire children to pursue both with excitement and enthusiasm all their lives.

Bridges emphasizes Less-Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL), many of which have been identified as Critical Needs Languages by the U.S. State Department. The teaching approach used by instructors is the communicative method, which means fun for kids through games, stories, free play, crafts, puppet shows, and other interactive activities to help children acquire new vocabulary in the target language.

Our language programs are taught by Indiana University students who are studying LCTLs. In partnership with IU Bloomington's School of Education faculty from the Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, they are taught valuable teaching tools which may be applied in a variety of community settings.

Currently, Bridges programs take place throughout Bloomington, with partner sites such as the public library, elementary schools, and neighborhood learning centers. This mutually beneficial relationship among university and non-university partners allows Bridges to offer quality world instruction to children and parents of Monroe County, IN.

*** We are offering FREE language classes for all children***



   Brought to you by the following centers:

         Center for the Study of the Middle East

         Center for the Study of Global Change 

         East Asian Studies Center 

         Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center 

         Russian and East European Institute 

Video recorded in Fall 2016. Courtesy of Yifan Zheng, School of Media, Indiana University.

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