"Brian provided outstanding leadership for our integrated project with FebSec.  He kept the entire team updated with all activities and set proper expectations for us - the external partner for him.  We knew exactly what was happening and when and what was expected of us.  We successfully delivered the login pages for Advisors and Donors...
He was always the first person to contact us to make sure that we were not taken by surprise.  It was a pleasure to work with Brian, and our product install went well as a result of his leadership."

T.S., Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

"Brian's management consulting has proved invaluable to creating our company's product development roadmap. When our company was new to software development, he helped us to make our overall process more effective by providing general advice on functional specifications, how to contain scope creep, useful product development software, and how to improve our QA process. Based on his years of experience with product development, Brian was able to provide suggestions on how to better manage the hand-off from product development to engineering, as well as how to obtain useful customer feedback prior to investing significant resources. 

Brian's strategic consulting came at a crucial time for our company, when we were at a major development crossroads. After listening to an account of the situation, Brian quickly outlined the pros and cons of each option, came up with a viable recommendation which we are now pursuing, and offered a high-level overview of the resources needed to implement the suggested plan. I recommend Brian as a management consultant, and am appreciative of the opportunity to benefit from his good advice."

Service Category: Business Consultant
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Leanne Heller, Project Manager at Net Atlantic, Inc.

 "I worked closely with Brian for more than two years. He managed the largest custom application development project that I have been involved with to date, as well as multiple other development projects. Brian did an excellent job managing timelines, quality and expectations. He successfully met an extremely challenging schedule and produced a superior product. Brian has the highest integrity which allowed me to place a great amount of trust in him. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brian, I recommend him and I'd look forward to an opportunity to work with him in the future." 

Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Matt Nerney, IT Director, TA Associates

Past Managers

"I hired Brian as Project Manager for NSK and in a very short period promoted him to the VP of Software Development. Brian was key to the launch of Touch Ahead Software and the EquityTouch product. Brian built a strong development team and implemented key tools that helped in organizing and making the team efficient. Brian built a Quality Assurance Department and set high standards for both Development and QA. Brian successfully launched 2 major and several minor releases of EquityTouch and they were on time and had 
no major bugs. Brian was respected by me and his team. I have high expectations for Brian’s future endeavors."

Nancy Keddy, CEO, NSK & Associates Inc.

“Brian was the tech lead in my group at the time. His intelligence, integrity, and communication skills are the keys to his success. Brian keeps up with the latest technologies and always looks for ways to improve his engineering and management skills. It had been a great pleasure to work with Brian.”

Julie Xie, Development Manager, Iron Mountain
managed Brian at Iron Mountain Digital

“Brian & I worked together at Iron Mountain in the same team, him on the Development side, me on the Quality Assurance side. I always found Brian really helpful, professional & open to finding out & doing the best for the product & the company. Our connection was one based on collaboration, respect & integrity. Brian is a very conscientious engineering professional, taking the time to understand the impact of any decisions on all the groups involved. I really enjoyed working with Brian & highly recommend him & his work.”

Eduardo Martinez, QA Manager, Offshore Team Consultant, Iron Mountain Digital
managed Brian indirectly at Iron Mountain Digital

“I hired Brian and worked with him directly on the company's main software system. Brian was committed to his work and focused on details and thoroughness. He actively engaged in the development process with a keen interest of the business decisions accompanying development decisions that reflected his dedication to his work.”

John Libront, Principle Sofware Engineer, Arrowhead Solutions
managed Brian at Arrowhead Solutions

“I hired Brian to work in my development group at Courion in 2001. He was a great addition to the team, a hard worker who tackled any assignment given to him and got the job done on time with quality. He was able to learn new things quickly (example: a new XML interface that was not so well documented in it's early releases). He was a great team player who was willing to help others, calm and cheerful under pressure, and always had the customer in mind. I'd definitely hire him again.”

Chris Mudgett, Software Engineering Manager/Program Manager, Courion Corporation
managed Brian at Courion Corporation

“Brian was a key contributor to the Highground Exchange Group and one of the core engineers I relied on to achieve our milestones. Brian was always willing to jump in and learn new code or technologies as needed to make the project a success. He assumed the majority of the work for the installer portion of the Highground Exchange product, learning the WISE installer suite and producing quality code ahead of schedule. Brian also assisted other engineers on the team to help them learn these same technologies, providing me with multiple resources to achieve our objectives. Brian would be an asset to any team he joined and would always be a welcome addition to any team I am on.”

Scott Bryant, Manager of Software Development – Exchange Group, Highground Systems Inc
managed Brian at HighGround Systems Inc.


“Brian and I worked closely for a number of years at MFS. Brian was very knowledgeable about the business process and client focused. His work was always well thought out, and his attention to detail was very good. His ability to bring technology to the client area to fulfill business need and create more efficient workflow was excellent.”

James Jenney, Vice President, Massachusetts Financial Services
worked directly with Brian at Mass Financial Services

“Brian distinguished himself at Fidelity as a diligent, responsible and hard-working employee. I was building a trading operation within Fidelity that required the cooperation of multiple departments, and Brian jumped right in and helped us build an efficient back office support capability for a high volume trading operation. He went far beyond what was required to complete his job assignments, and displayed a curiosity and desire to learn that set him apart from his peers, and has served him well in his subsequent career path. I can recommend Brian with the utmost confidence that he will deliver results that are a credit to himself and his organization.”

Steven Maurer, CAIA, Trader, Fidelity Capital Markets
worked with Brian at Fidelity Investments

“I worked with Brian at Iron Mountain where he was the de facto Manager of the Sustaining Team. He managed the day to day operations of the team, including several hotfixes and maintenance releases while ensuring the high quality that the product demanded. He was also instrumental in staffing the team with high caliber engineers, requiring the same dedication to quality in their work as he put in to his own. In addition to his management skills, Brian is also a solid engineer. He's an asset to any team!”

Jeff Paquette, Senior Software Engineer, Iron Mountain Digital
worked with Brian at Iron Mountain Digital

“Brian has great people management skills and he balances work priorities with people issues very well. It is a joy working with him.”

Harry Li, Principal/Architect, Ironmountain
worked with Brian at Iron Mountain

“The road from contributing engineer to lead/manager is one where many engineers find it difficult to traverse. Brian has handled this transition extremely well. He has sought out help where it was appropriate and spent the time honing his leadership technical skills to enable him to create environments where people working with him and for him can grow to their potential. It was great to see and it made working with the team easier and more productive.”

Peter Kahn, Sr. Release Engineer, Iron Mountain
worked directly with Brian at Iron Mountain

“Brian made great contributions to our group. He helped to develop new procedures to streamline our operations. He strengthened the relationship between Development and Technical Support. He lead our off-shore (India) team. In addition to his leadership contributions, he brought a strong knownedge of C++ and SQL to our group, which he applied on a daily basis. I enjoyed working with Brian, on both personal and professional levels. I would gladly work with him again.”

Brian Rickman, Senior Software Engineer - PC Backup System, Iron Mountain/Connected Corp.
worked directly with Brian at Iron Mountain

“Brian is a highly motivated software engineer and manager with experience with all phases of software development.”

Greg Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer, Linedata Services, Inc.
worked directly with Brian at Linedata Services