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My goal is to share a vision for the evolution of business through systems innovation and the learning organization

With an extensive background of digging into underperforming groups to uncover and correct process flaws, I've seen first-hand how properly implemented and maintained systems become the foundation for success. I've also observed how organizations that are open to technical and adaptive change can allow a learning organization to grow.

My philosophy is that the best senior manager is one that enjoys organizational innovation as much as the engineers enjoy technological innovation.  It is crucial that as business leaders we maintain the energy and courage to take advantage of the newest trends in our dramatically shifting industries.  

Systems Innovation for Program Success

How we do things becomes almost a part of us. We've worked hard to learn the right way to get things done and fall back on those tried-and-true habits in most situations, promoting them above 'new ideas'. 

"We've always done it this way"
"We have
Continuous Improvement -
when we have time"
"I gave up trying to change the course of the river"

 "Leadership decided that..."

But as businesses grow and change with the speed of technology, the time comes to re-evaluate the status quo in the best effort to meet the competition and improve the workplace. 

We accomplish this through a dedication to systemic and inherent change. Systems must be examined and potentially rebuilt, and then continually modified. Senior management must demonstrate dedication to process innovation and empower their teams with a learning organization charter.

This environment energizes and motivates teams to greater success than outdated autocratic models ever could.  

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I also recommend Peter Senge's book The Fifth Discipline. I consider it required reading and well worth your time.

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