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zmppMod is a Z-Machine interpreter for Minecraft.  It is based on ZMPP written by Wei-ju Wu.  Wei-ju did a fantastic job on his interpreter and left his code ready-to-integrate with other projects.  Most of the credit of this mod goes to Wei-ju and those who assisted him.

If you would like to test-drive this mod, head over to and warp (or just walk) over to the Zork area.  I have set up almost two dozen games from the infocom catalog to demonstrate this mod.  (plus, it's a fully-themed area and looks kind of cool if I do say so myself. ;-)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah....

If you want to test compatibility with your favorite z-machine game, use /zrun URL, where URL is the full URL to the game.  file:// urls should also work if you are more adventurous.  Once you have tested your game you can create a user-accessible game podium by using /zspawn.

/zspawn [title] [author] url, where title and author are optional.  If your title or author name have spaces you can use underscores (_) to represent the spaces and they will get changed back to spaces.

Once the game podium is created you can decorate it as you see fit.   To play the game, just press the button.  To stop the game, send the command quit.

You can break the painting and signs off of it, but if you break the chest or remove the book from the chest it will no longer work properly.  The primary form of storage in this mod is the book in the chest.  The book stores all the data, including save games (oh yeah, save games work too.)  Because the book can only store one saved game at a time, you should consider spawning multiple machines if it becomes too popular.  :-)

When you want to end the game, you can first save it if you want and then type "quit" to end.  Otherwise you will not be able to access regular chat mode.  Saved games can be accessed by typing "restore" in the game.
Fun fact:
You can also create your own adventure games using Inform7 and compile them as Z-machine files.  This allows you a lot of room for creative expression!! :-)

To install, grab the jar file below and drop it in the bukkit server plugins folder and /reload.  This version was compiled for Bukkit 1.5.2 and also tested successfully against 1.6.1 -- so if you have any trouble you might have to grab the source zip file and recompile it against your bukkit server version (edit the pom.xml to reflect the correct bukkit version and use mvn install to rebuild, or use Eclipse or Netbeans if you're comfortable with those tools.)

May 6, 2013: Initial release
May 21, 2013: Added ability to use /commands while a game is still active.  Also added better cleanup of abandoned games to keep resource consumption lower.

Brendan Robert,
May 21, 2013, 9:57 AM
Brendan Robert,
May 6, 2013, 12:41 PM