A free non-profit sheet music resource for brass musicians by Tomas Hillerbrant  (watermailonman
where I make compositions and arrangements for brass instruments available for free download.

brazzmusic,  my page for musicians and students 
is up since 4:th of August 2010

To all people who are not in business just for the money.

As you will notice I do not write in third person.

I have made some efforts to make this site interesting and I hope you find something useful. The primary is to share! In this case my brass arrangements. I have also made some music examples available where I play the trombone. I do it because I think this is the best way to intoduce myself. Any errors heard? It's me ;-)

Tell me what you think of my site:
 (trb. on picture is a King 3b) 
Me playing:
Where'er You Walk by G.F Handel for four trombones - King 2b for 1:st, 2:nd and 3:rd. A large tenor (Benge 190C) for 4:th (rec.20120703)
Sarabande from cello suites by J.S Bach on a Conn 24H trombone from 1935 (rec.20120705)
Epistel No 47 by C.M Bellman. Trombone quartet played on soprano, alto, tenor and bass (rec.20120706)
This arrangement and other of my arrangements with mp3 files are available free through this page. 
If you rather listen to some of my jazz trombones arrangements they are on this other page.
Exercises are made by me.

You are free to download and distribute and use as many copies you want.
If you just play them with your friends, at a rehearsal or hopefully at a concert please email and tell me about it. 
Tomas Hillerbrant 
(Note: I don't want anyone to sell and make a profit on my free sheet music.)                                                       
Are you a trumpet player, trombone player, french horn player or a tuba player? A professional musician a teacher or a student? Hopefully you will find something among the exercises and etudes for trombone, brass trio, brass quartet, brass quintet, brass sextet, trombone duo, trombone trio, trombone quartet, trombone quintet, large trombone ensemble and full part brass ensemble that eventually will be here. 
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