The Art of Listening 3/17/19

Rediscovering Grace 3/3/19

Pastor Jeff Hager shares how he rediscovered God's grace in his life

Power & Authority of the Believer

Understanding the difference

The Importance of the Blood 2/10/19

Why the blood of Jesus is important

Forgiveness 2/3/19

Dr. Richard Arno teaches about the importance of forgiveness

Escape Room, Unlock Your Door 1/27/19

Joe Pentifallo shares about 2 different view about open doors.

Elijah & Jezebel 1/13/19

Pastor Debie discusses the spiritual battle between Elijah and Jezebel. She also teaches about the spirit of Jezebel.

God, Direct My Life 12/30/18

Pastor Debie discusses seeking God's will for your life in 2019 through fasting and praying

Kings Asa 12/16/18

The Story of one of the Kings of Judah who starts out following the Lord but falls away towards the end of his reign.

A Kingdom Divided 12/9/28

Pastor Debie Kaplan @ Branch of Christ Church

The Story of King Rehoboam and King Jeroboam