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Yann Bramoullé


I am a CNRS research fellow in economics at Aix-Marseille University.

My research was funded by an ERC consolidator grant on "Markets and Networks".

I coedited the Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks with Andrea Galeotti and Brian Rogers.

I am an associate editor at the American Economic Review and a research fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research.

Working papers

"Binary Outcomes and Linear Interactions", with Vincent Boucher. March 2021.

"Diffusion Centrality: Foundations and Extensions", with Garance Genicot. October 2020.

"Promotion through Connections: Favors or Information?", with Kenan Huremović. January 2018.

"Dynamic Linear Economies with Social Interactions", with Onur Özgür and Alberto Bisin. December 2017. With a Supplementary Appendix.


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