Brain Segmentation Testing Protocol

This site hosts the Brain Segmentation Testing Protocol, a freely available collection of MRI images for testing segmentation algorithms. The testing protocol is described in our paper published in the journal Neuroimage.The 312 three-dimensional datasets may be downloaded from this website to assess the accuracy, reproducability and sensitivity of MRI segmentation software.


Figure showing the types of images in the testing protocol


The different parts of the dataset may be downloaded by clicking on the links below. I am currently removing the password protection on these files - if you do get prompted for a password please enter: range.

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Testing Segmentation Accuracy / Validity

Young Adults, (7 images, 30Mb)  

Patients with Alzheimer's disease, (9 images, 108Mb)

Infants (10 images from the Pediatric Brain Atlas)

Lateral ventrice gold standard segmentations by Cavalieri Principle of the above 3 datasets- see Volume Tables


Testing Segmentation Reproducibility / Reliability

Same scanner and sequence (40 images from cross-sectional dataset)

Different scanner and pulse sequence  (72 images, 750Mb)

T1 and T2 weighted images  (30 images, 240Mb)


Testing Segmentation Sensitivity

Longitudinal images (144 images from from longitudinal dataset)


The summary of image file formats decribes the image orientation, voxel size and image dimensions of the above data 


Matthew Kempton


Click on the below image for our lateral ventricle segmentation program