Software I've developed over the years (many available to download)

CL-LIB is a library of common lisp functions I mostly developed (or in some cases collected) while I was at the University of Rochester. Much of it was created while I was porting code between Symbolics and Explorer machines, then later when we were porting to Franz's Allegro Common Lisp, and I've since maintained the package on MCL and LispWorks (though I no longer have access to the lisp machines or Allegro). There should still be a prior version available from the University of Rochester Computer Science department's ftp site, as well as from CMU's AI archive, but the link on the left shold let you download a tarball of the latest version I have. Unlike earlier versions, I've tried to segregate the code into various packages, e.g., initializations, resources, etc. making it easier to use only part of the library rather than all of it. It's opensource, available under the LGPL.