Research: Moral Philosophy, East-West Ethics, Empirical studies of Virtue and the Impact of Studying Philosophy

Position: Associate Professor, University of Kansas.


Papers - Ethics

Papers - East/West Ethics

Papers - Empirical Study of Character

Reviews and Expository Works

In Progress

      • "Narrow Morality, Virtue Ethics, and Contractualism" (Draft available)

      • "Normative Perfectionism for Developing Social Rational Animals" (Draft available)

      • The Emerging Science of Virtue [co-authored book with two psychologists, under contract with Cambridge UP]

      • "Does Trait Interpersonal Fairness Moderate Situational Influence on Fairness Behavior?" (several co-authors; lead author Fowers) [under review]

      • "For Well-being, Against Hurka" (three co-authors; lead author Raibley) [under review]