Bradford Cokelet


Department of Philosophy
      University of Kansas
      Wescoe Hall, Room 3090
      Lawrence, KS 66045-7590
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  • (under contract) Buddhism, Ethics, and the Good Life.  Book under contract with Routledge
           Reviews and Expository Works
             In Progress
  • (rough draft) Virtue is a Great Moral Good
  • (in progress) "Moral Deliberation, Virtue, and Social Harmony," accepted for 2018 Rutgers Workshop in Chinese Philosophy; co-author Justin Tiwald
  • (in progress)  "Well-being, Integrity, and Compassion for the Demented"
  • (in progress) "Compassion as a Friendly Virtue" forthcoming in Collection on Compassion, ed. Caouett
  • (in progress) "Multi-component Trait Justice, the Big Five, and Resource Sharing Behavior" (Lane, Lang, Cioffi, Anderson, Cokelet, and Fowers)
  • (in progress) "Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-Integrated Traits" (Lane, Anderson, Cioffi, Cokelet, and Fowers)
  • (in progress) Replacing Rightness: Virtue, Authenticity, and Humanity as an End in Itself.