Published Papers

Sebastian Galiani, Patrick J. McEwan, Brian Quistorff (2017) External and Internal Validity of a Geographic Quasi-Experiment Embedded in a Cluster-Randomized Experiment, in Matias D. Cattaneo, Juan Carlos Escanciano (ed.) Regression Discontinuity Designs (Advances in Econometrics, Volume 38) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.195 - 236

Working Papers

"The Effects of Energy Prices on Manufacturing Employment"

"Pricing Engine: Estimating Causal Impacts in Real World Business Settings" with Matt Goldman

"Capitalitis? Effects of the 1960 Brazilian Capital Relocation"

"Credit Constraints, Discounting and Investment in Health: Evidence from Micropayments for Clean Water in Dhaka," with Raymond Guiteras, David I. Levine, and Thomas Polley

"The synth_runner Package: Utilities to Automate Synthetic Control Estimation Using synth," with Sebastian Galiani. Code.

Works in Progress

"Matching on What Matters: A Metric Learning Approach to Matching Estimation with Many Covariates," with Gentry Johnson and Matt Goldman

"Sparse-Factor Synthetic Controls: Unit-Level Counterfactuals from High-Dimensional Data," with Matt Goldman and Jason Thorpe

"Variable Selection Using Multi-task Learning for Bias Reduction"