Joining the Troop

You Just Decided Enroll Your Youth in Scouts - What You Need To Do

1. Eligibility

If you're ready to make the jump and join Scouts BSA, Troop 400 welcomes you and looks forward to having you join us in the fun. The first step is to determine if your child is eligible. T400 and Scouts BSA accepts boys or girls who have either completed 5th grade or have turned 11 years old, and who have not yet reached 18 years of age. Scouts who are currently in a Cub Scout program can bridge to Scouts BSA prior to completing 5th grade and while they are 10 years of age if they have achieved the Arrow of Light. These scouts must be already registered in the council as Cubs and paperwork must be submitted to Council for Arrow-of-Light by the Pack and the advancement registered before we can process the application.

2. Complete an Application Form and BSA Health Form

The next step will be to complete the Scout Youth Application Form. Forms are available On-Line in PDF format (requires printing two copies), and also from the Scoutmaster or Committee chair. Forms are also available from the Council Offices at 970 W. Julian St., in San Jose. Completed forms should be brought to the Scoutmaster or to the Committee chair. Also required for scouts to participate in any camps when they join will be Parts A and Parts B of the BSA Health Form. For campouts that last longer than 72 hours (e.g. summer camp), then Parts C must be completed by taking a Physical Exam with a licensed doctor.

3. Dues

Dues are $20/month and there is a $250 joining fee. $50 covers cost of council patch, world crest, Troop number patch, Journey to Excellence patch, shoulder loops, hand book, water bottle and subscription to Boy's Life. The remainder is applied to the first 5 months of dues. (Prices are subject to change over time).

4. Parents as Adult Leaders

We expect at least one parent to take a participating role. You can help our Troop grow when you participate with your scout. Each scout needs qualified adult supervision and discipline on outings or any other advancement objective. Being a registered and trained adult leader means a scout has a parent to turn to for advice at home, and that adult can also benefit all the youth in the Troop. If you can take on leadership roles and teach scouts in special skills, then you most likely can become an Adult Leader. Time commitments vary by role, and free or low cost training is also available. Be sure to download the Adult Membership Forms online or get one from the Scoutmaster or District Office. Cost for adults to register in Troop 400 is $15/yr and may be waived. Contact the Committee Chair for information about volunteering in the troop.

Turn in your forms when you're ready at the next Troop meeting or contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair about submitting the forms with dues. We host Parent Meetings on the first Monday Troop meeting of each month at Bethel Lutheran Church.

5. Bridging for Webelos

Cub Scouts often bridge to our Troop in the early Spring. This is done in a ceremony where Webelos walk across a symbolic bridge and cross over to the other side to be greeted by their new chosen Scout troop. If you are planning on bridging, please notify our Scoutmaster or Committee Chairperson and provide a specific date, time and location in advance. A group of scouts and adult leaders will arrange to be at your Scout's Bridging Ceremony to greet him or her on the other side and adorn them with a new neckerchief and slide. Following the Bridging, the newly inducted scout is expected to begin attending Troop meetings.