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Tournament Info:

Longmont Fall Open

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Download more information and the entry form from here.  Email judd_disch@yahoo.com with questions or comments.
List of registered players

1.Angelo Gandullia 2110 2.Basil Ibegbu 2016 3.Kyle Angeles 1956 4.Dave Vollmar 1922 5.Alfred Adjei 1921 6.Bruce Maclaine 1812 7.Tim Eiles 1788 8.Phong Ly 1763 9.Josh Harris 1754 10.Larry Grimm 1744 11.Edward Yue 1734 12.Jimmy chen 1680 13.Ariel Sanchez Mora 1661 14.Michael Jaynes 1659 15.Bryon Kippschull 1659 16.Gary Green 1648 17.Peter Christofolo 1567 18.Kevin Ball 1537 19.Gokal Shah 1518 20.Kali Goring 1453 21.Mark Flemming 1440 22.Ross Zwisler 1398 23.Dennis Martin 1297 24.Bob Funkhouser 1272 25.Loi Tan 1236 26.Kenneth Reynard 1077 27.Travis Posthumus 673 28.Yoko Wilcox 0 29.Pushkar Abad 0 30.Hansu Gu 0 31.Johannes Ruehlmann  0 32.Tim Musgrove 0 33.Hristo Djoumaliev 0 34.Jerry Mao 0 35.Jim Marquart

Division A - 1st place Johannes Ruehlmann, 2nd place Basil IbegbuDivision C - 1st place Kyle Angeles, 2nd Peter ChristofoloDivision C - 1st place Kyle Angeles, 2nd place Peter ChristofoloDivision D - 1st Place Trent Casi, 2nd Place Bob FunkhouserDivision E - 1st Tim Musgrove, 2nd Tan Loi

Division A - 1st Johannes Ruehlmann, 2nd Basil Ibegbu
Division B - 1st Hansu Gu, 2nd Jimmy Chen
Division C - 1st place Kyle Angeles, 2nd Peter Christofolo
Division D - 1st Trent Casi, 2nd Bob Funkhouser
Division E - 1st Tim Musgrove, 2nd Tan Loi