The only guide to the best bouldering sectors in Scotland ...

Boulder Scotland 3rd edition
Published: January 2017
ISBN 9780992887612
320 pages full-colour
Maps, topos and feature photos

Welcome to the companion website to the Boulder Scotland guide, featuring videos and topos to venues featured in the book. To have a closer look at the guide, go to the sample pages e-book version on IssuuTo buy a physical copy, you can order it through Amazon or through our distributor Cordee: 

This third edition of the original Stone Country guide to bouldering in Scotland updates the vast geologies available to the travelling boulderer. It is a dedicated and closely edited gazetteer which showcases the newest as well as the classic venues, featuring the top problems. It is the only comprehensive guide to Scottish bouldering which has now been revised with updated topos and maps, and dozens of new venues added. This is an essential piece of bouldering kit for any climber visiting Scotland.

General Editor:  John Watson
Area Editors: Colin Lambton, Dan Varian, Kevin Howett, Nigel Holmes, Richie Betts, Robbie Gardiner, Andrew Hunter, Hamish Fraser, Pierre Fuentes, Tom Kirkpatrick, Gaz Marshall, Richie Betts, Ian Taylor, Stewart Cable, Andrew Hunter

Glasgow's best bouldering? Many may point to Dumby but for the mortals amongst us who enjoy a good circuit with low stress, the best and most accessible is the 'concrete Fontainebleau' at Cuningar Loop. We've produced two topos: one of 22 BLUE circuit problems between Font 3+ and 5+; the other of the RED circuit of 22 problems between 5 and 6b - the point being to illustrate the quality of movement on these pleasant blocs. Completing each circuit will set you in good stead for the step up to a real Fontainebleau circuit! Thanks to Serious Climbing for building such a welcome resource for local climbers!

Blue circuit at Cuningar