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Trump Administration Invites Oil Industry to Desecrate Sacred Arctic Refuge

Agency is ignoring impacts to people, climate, and wildlife, and relying on flawed science in its rushed, secretive process. CONTACTS TO REGISTER YOUR CONCERN:

Corey Himrod, Alaska Wilderness League, (202) 544-5205

Nicole Schmitt, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, (907) 917-9453

Pam Miller, Arctic Audubon Society, (907) 441-2407

Rebecca Sentner, Audubon Alaska, (907) 276-7034

Chris Rider, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Yukon Chapter, (867) 393-8080

Gwen Dobbs, Defenders of Wildlife, (202) 772-0269

Rebecca Bowe, Earthjustice, (415) 217-2093

Rose Mohammadi, Environment America, (650) 526-8889

David Raskin, Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, (425) 209-9009

Patrick Davis, Friends of the Earth US, (202) 222-0744

Emily Samsel, League of Conservation Voters, (828) 713-9647

Matt Smelser, National Audubon Society, (202) 516-5593

Anne Hawke, Natural Resources Defense Council, (646) 823-4518

Erica Watson, Northern Alaska Environmental Center, (907) 452-5093

Gabby Brown, Sierra Club, (914) 261-4626

Tim Woody, The Wilderness Society, (907) 223-2443

Dawnell Smith, Trustees for Alaska, (907) 433-2013

Some Ways on How to Help Detained 
Children Seeking Asylum
- From Slate Magazine, 

• KIND—Kids in Need of Defense—has been leading advocacy efforts for kids in immigration detention.

• The Women’s Refugee Commission is leading national efforts against family separation and child detention to preserve access to asylum, increase use of alternatives to detention, and improve detention conditions.

• The Catholic Legal Immigration Network plays a crucial role coordinating legal services in response to administration-created crises.

• The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Projectis litigating these and other policies at the border.

• RAICES is the largest immigration nonprofit in Texas offering free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and families.

• Al Otro Lado serves indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico.

• The Florence Project provides legal and social services to detained immigrants in Arizona.

• Lawyers for Good Government suggests that you can contribute to the Project Corazon Travel Fund to send more lawyers (particularly Spanish-speaking immigration lawyers) to the detention centers and refugee camps. You can also pledge your frequent flier miles to help get more lawyers to the border and volunteer as a lawyer or translator.

• Justice in Motion has created a network of human rights lawyers and nongovernmental organizations across Mexico and Central America to find parents deported without their children and help families reunite in their countries of origin.

• Immigrant Families Together supports bonds, living expenses, and medical and legal needs of migrant families.

• Innovation Law Lab builds tools for immigration-related crisis response, aiming to improve representation and due process.

• ActBlue has a one-click button to support many of these organizations at once.

• Lights for Liberty is doing local event coordination and is organizing nationwide protests and vigils being planned for July 12.

• United We Dream, the American Immigration Council, and the National Immigration Law Center are organizing to help immigrants in the event of raids.

• Human Rights First is a national organization with roots in Houston that needs help from lawyers.

• The National Immigrant Justice Center represents and advocates for detained adults and children facing removal, supports efforts at the border, and represents parents in the interior who have been separated from their families as a result of aggressive enforcement.