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One of the many bridges leading into Vancouver, British Columbia; this bridge an example of sustainable mass transit. Photo by Craig Rock

As Himalayas Warm, Nepal’s Climate Migrants Struggle to Survive
New York Times, April 5, 2020, click here
Pushed out of their village by a drought and lack of food, a group of Nepalis 
are fighting to amplify the voices of those forced to relocate by the planet’s warming.

Why David Quammen is not surprised
Orion Magazine, March 27, click here

"In 2012, science writer and Orion contributor David Quammen published Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic. The book charts the ecology and spread of “zoonoses,” diseases transmitted between animals and humans, and sounds the alarm for serious political and public health actions to prepare for future pandemics.

Well, here we are.  At present, we are experiencing one of the most disruptive global pandemics in history, with stark forecasts for any improvement. We reached out to Quammen for answers on why we weren’t prepared for this outbreak, whether there is any silver lining in this development, and what safety precautions he and his wife (and their pet python) recommend during indefinite lockdown. "

Some of the questions asked in the above interview:  Why did we see this coming? 
You published Spillover in 2012. Why weren’t measures taken since then to prevent something like COVID-19 from emerging and spreading?
What’s different about this new coronavirus than previous ones you’ve written about?
Are we worried enough? How much of our global panic should we actually attribute to it, versus to our collective state of anxiety, 
which has our hands always hovering just over the panic button?

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