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All the photography on these pages is created and owned by Robert Israelian unless otherwise stated. If you are interested in using any of my photography please contact me through email. (

The following topics are photoclub assignments for 7 Hills Camera Club members.

1. Abandoned 2. Angle(s) 3. Bicycle(s) 4. Bridge(s) 5. Cloud(s)

6. Communication(s)  7. Contrast 8. Freeze the action 9. Goat(s) 10. Hardware

11. In the wild 12. Man vs. nature 13. Miniature(s) 14. Morning dew 15. Mountain(s)

16. Night sky 17. Orange 18. Sharp 19. Still Life 20. Storm 21. Street photography

 22. Summer fun 23. Timeless/classic 24. Waterfall(s)

25 Wobbly

The Weather for the area
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