Bob Calistri
NRA# 261941967
Bob Calistri, llc

Committed to the safe shooting needs
of recreational target shooters and all others.

Always Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction,
Always Keep Your Finger Off The Triger,
Always Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use.

Hi, I am Bob Calistri and welcome to my website. I am glad you took the time to visit here. I have always loved shooting and firearms. That said it is even more important that shooting be done in a safe manner. I joined the NRA and became certified in many disciplines because I want to make sure that people understand the safe and proper way to handle firearms. I am an NRA Recruiter (Recruiter ID XI042680), and I am also authorized to give a discounted NRA memberships.

Currently, the NRA has determine that I have the knowledge and experience with firearms through life experience and after completion of the NRA courses to allow me to be certified in the following disciplines:

  1. NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer

  2. NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

  3. NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

The above certifications by the NRA allows me to teach the following courses:

  1. Basic Pistol course

  2. Basics of Pistol Shooting

  3. Blended Basics of Pistol Shooting

  4. NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

  5. Concealed Weapon Permit

  6. First Steps Pistol Orientation

  7. Marksman Simulator Course

  8. New Shooter Seminar

  9. Woman on target

  10. Private instructions at your location are available for groups of 4 or less at no additional charge.

I specialize in private/small group (1 to 4 students) pistol instruction for those people who don’t want the world to know their business. The class can be given at your location or mine at no additional cost. Followed by range time. Including the Florida concealed weapon licensing course.

Should you have any questions about this information or need further information pertaining to the NRA programs, including how to join the NRA, please contact me.
Thanks for your time,
Bob Calistri
NRA Certified Instructor
NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA ID #261941967

God, Guns and Guts made this country grea​t,​​
and the Second Amendment keeps it that way.