Bert Le Bruyn

I'm an Assistant Professor (UD) at the Department of Language, Literature and Communication (TLC) of Utrecht University. My research is embedded within the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics and covers two domains: cross-linguistic semantics and L2 acquisition. 


The semantics and acquisition of referentiality (2014-2017, NWO-VENI, 250k)

Time in translation (2017-2021, NWO-Free Competition, with Henriëtte de Swart, 750k)

Key publications:

Mapping the Perfect via translation Mining (EACL, 2017)

From HAVE to HAVE-verbs: relations and incorporation (Lingua, 2016)

Bare coordination: the semantic shift (NLLT, 2014)

Weak Referentiality (John Benjamins, 2014)


(In)definiteness across languages. (Utrecht, March 2018)

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Recent manuscripts:

How obligatory is the obligatory scope of bare plurals?

(In)definiteness across languages and in L2 acquisition. 

Broadening our horizons: a case-study in L2 semantics.

L2 article choice and prominence

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Ana Aguilar-Guevara (UU | UNAM)
Xiaoli Dong (UU)
Atle Gronn (Oslo)
Christina Märzhäuser (München)
Magali Paquot (Louvain)
Julia Pozas-Loyo (Queen Mary | UNAM)
Gerhard Schaden (Lille)
Erik Schoorlemmer (Leiden)
Kirsten Schutter (UU)
Henriëtte de Swart (UU)
Joost Zwarts (UU)