Bert Le Bruyn

Research Profile:

I'm a semanticist specializing in cross-linguistic variation with a keen interest in second language acquisition. My expertise lies in the domains of referentiality and tense/aspect. The methods I use include corpus as well as experimental (offline) methodologies. My ORCiD is

I'm an Assistant Professor (UD) at the Department of Language, Literature and Communication (TLC) of Utrecht University. My research is embedded within the Institute for Language Sciences (formerly known as the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS). You can reach me at


The semantics and acquisition of referentiality (2014-2017, NWO-VENI, 250k)

Time in translation (2017-2022, NWO-Free Competition, with Henriëtte de Swart, 750k)

Knowledge Utilization:

As a member of the Meesterschapsteam MVT, I'm committed to promoting research at the intersection of language studies (general and applied linguistics, literature and culture) and second language didactics.