Contact Information
          • bamyers2@wisc.edu

    Research Interests
          • Knowledge, understanding, explanation, causation, belief, dispositions, language evolution, aims and methods of educational assessment, psychopathology, comparative anatomy of prefrontal cortex

  • Myers-Schulz, B., Pujara, M., Wolf, R., & Koenigs, M. (2013). "Inherent emotional quality of human speech sounds," Cognition and Emotion, 27, 1105-1113pdf
  • Myers-Schulz, B., & Schwitzgebel, E. (2013). "Knowing that P without believing that P," Noûs, 47, 371-384. pdf
  • Myers-Schulz, B., & Koenigs, M. (2012). “Functional anatomy of ventromedial prefrontal cortex: Implications for mood and anxiety disorders,” Molecular Psychiatry, 17, 132-141. pdf

  Works in Progress (email for copies)

  • "Graded knowledge"

  • "Understanding-why: Explanation, causation, and grounding"

  • “Understanding-why and knowing-why"

  • "Comparative knowledge attributions"

  • "Decision trees linking individual student need to large-scale accommodations for English learners" (Co-authored with Rebecca Kopriva)

  • "The cognitive basis of ONPAR assessment"

  Responses to My Work

  • Beebe, J. (2013). "A Knobe effect for belief ascriptions," The Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 4, 235-258. pdf
  • Buckwalter, W., Rose, D., & Turri, J. (2013). “Belief through thick and thin,” Noûs. pdf
  • Murray, D., Sytsma, J., & Livengood, J. (2013). "God knows (but does God believe?),” Philosophical Studies, 166, 83-107. pdf
  • Rose, D., & Schaffer, J. (2013). "Knowledge entails dispositional belief," Philosophical Studies, 166, 19-50. pdf