Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,

 Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish." 
Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,

United Confederate Veterans,

New Orleans, Louisiana, April 25, 1906.

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Obituary and Service Arrangements
 January 7, 1929   June 23, 2015  

Camp Roster:
Updated 9/23/2017
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Member Date of OathID#Valid toConfederate Patriot
Member Date of OathID#Valid toConfederate Patriot
ARRINGTON, WILLIAM DAVID October 6, 2016 336447 2018 - State Life Member Since Sept. 2017 Pvt. Samuel Wellington Strickler Co D. 7th VA CAV. Buried at Midland Cemetery 
BEAHM, VICTOR CLAUDE  2000 200941  2018 - State Life Member from 2007 Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Beahm 
BLANKS, JAMES ROLAND  2010 312964  2017 Pvt John Berry Moses Co H, 4th Virginia Reserves Infantry 
BOULTON, STEPHEN October 2015 333343 2018  
CARR, DANIEL L.  Associate Membership 2011 Camp Associate # 103 2018 A.J.Jenkins camp #628 - SCV ID-319846 
CAYNOR, WILLIAM L. Transfer in from Alaska Dec. 2010 297432 2018 Private William Osborne Caynor , Co.H., 4th Va. Cavalry "Black Horse Troop" 
COX, WALTER MADDOX Transfer in Dec 2010 44306 2018  
CRUM, CHARLES N.  April 1, 2014 327185 2018 Pvt. Absalom Brinson Turner Co H 48th Ga. Volunteers "McLeod Volunteers" Emanuel Co, Ga. 
DeNEALE III, EDWARD THOMAS Transfer from Capt. Jack Adams Cap# 1951 319538 2018 - State Life Member Since 2014   
EMBREY, CHARLES EDWARD October 6, 2016 336446 2018 Pvt. Robert E. Embrey, Co I, 11th VA Infantry Buried at Mount Holly 
FORBUSH, LLOYD "GUSS"  March 11, 2014 326403 2018 - State Life member as of 2014 Pvt. Nelson Bramwell Stimson, Co A, 24th VA Inf 
FREDRICK, CLIFTON October 2015 333344 2018 Pvt. John B. Putman Co E. 19th Va. Cav. 
FRENCH, KEVIN T.  September 11, 2001 23246 2018 James A. Speer - 5th Virginia Infantry Co. F; Bluford B Edwards - 5th Virginia Infantry Co. F;George H Hitt - 7th Virginia Infantry, Co. E; Joseph T. Smith - 21st Virginia Infantry Co. F;Levi Minnick - 7th Virginia Cavalry Co. B and 10th Virginia Cavalry Co. B ; Ephram S Mitchell - 7th Virginia Cavalry Co. H and 11th Virginia Cavalry Co. C  
GILL, RAYMOND W., Jr.  18 February 1998 -Transferred October 2012 from Camp #1722 99177 2018 - State Life Membership from 2013 Private Lafayette Payne Company A, Fauquier Mountain Rangers 7th Virginia Cavalry 
GLENN, JAMES D  July, 2015 330336 2018 1st. Lt. Pinkney Berry, Co. K 35th NC. Inf.  
GOETZ, DAVID M. 2008 256062  2018- State Life Member from 2011 Fr. James M .Graves, S.J. - Chaplin HQ Gen Jackson 
HAKENSON, DONALD C.  Associate Membership 2010 Camp Associate #101 2021 Third Corporal, Robert E. McCormick, Co.H Fourth Virginia Cavalry, Black Horse Troop 
HUDSON, RICHARD PRESTON April 1, 2014 327184  2018 Corp John Wesley Kent, 55th VA Inf. Spotsylvania Co. 
JACOBSON, DEAN VINCENT June 2013 324511 2018 Pvt. Martin Hembry Jones, 3rd Reg. South Carolina Infantry Reserves 
JOHNSON, ANDREW M. Transferred from R.E. Lee Camp. May 2012 5745 2018- State Life Member on transfer  
KELLEY, DANIEL THOMAS July 7, 2015 330268 2018 Pvt. John W. Saunders, Co. H. 13th VA Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia 
LAWRENCE, ROBERT DeTREVILLE IV  1999 10465 2018 Lt Thomas Baynton Turner, Mosby's Reg 
LEGG, KEVIN July 7, 2015 330337 2018 Pvt. Phillip Martin Co. G. 7th Battalion S.C. Infantry 
MARANO, LOUIS  September 2015  Camp Associate #107  2018 Not Required 
MAY, T. LINWOOD  January 26, 1996 40469  2018  2/ Lt. Stephen Lafayette Pankey (great granfather) 
MCCONNELL, JAMES W. October 2015 333345 2018 George W. Kendall Crp. 38th Bat. Va Light Artillery 
Mc CONNELL, J. T.  March 2010 314536 2018- State Life Member from 2011 George W. Kendall Crp. 38th Bsttalion VA Light Artillery Joe Kendall Pvt 38th Battalion VA Light Artillery John M. Kendall Pvt. Mosby's Reg Co. E 43rd Battalion Isaiah Carter Mosbys Reg Comp F 43rd Battalion 
McINNIS , KENNETH  March 14, 1983 7820 2018 Pvt Samuel N. McInnis Co A, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment (Barbour Yankee Hunters) 
MEADOWS, HAROLD  TRANSFER in Dec. 2010 189828 2018  
MILLER, JAMES M.  2005 203097 2018  
MITCHELL, SCOTT W. February 7, 2012 320617 2018 Pvt. James Bowen, 43rd Bat. Va. Cav "Mosby's Men" 
PAUL, CHRISTOPHER G. September 4, 2012 322662 2017 Pvt. Pennel Price Hall,Co K, 12th SC Inf.  
PAYNE, LARRY C.  April 2000 204610 2018 - State Life Member from 2013 Henry Payne. private Warrenton Riffles, Co K; "17th Virginia Infantry"  
Payne, Lorene Associate Membership 2010 Camp Associate #102  2018 Not Required 
PETERS, WILLIAM D. "Bill" May 4, 2011 318620 2018 Whitfield Peters, 4th Co. H, Va Black horse  
PRIEST, JAMES Jr Application Pending pending    
RAICH, ANDREW WALLACE August 5, 2013 323348 2018 Pvt. Charles Alexander Scott, Co D. Howardsville Grays 19th VA Inf. (61-62) COK & 4th VA Cav (63-64) 
RAICH, BRUCE WALLACE October 2, 2012 Camp Associate #104 2018 Not Required 
RANDALL, MARK SCOTT  December 2010 317413 2018 Pvt William Thomas Randall Co M, Cooper's Battery, Virginia Light Artillery 
RENEGAR, LARRY RAY August 1, 2014 327785 2018 Corp. Henry Green Renegar, Co G. 41st TN Inf. from Kelson Lincoln Tn.  
RICHARDS, UPTON HILL JR  2000 200947  2018 Cpt. Thomas W. Richards Co G, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry 
SCARCE, JAMES DAVID March 2015 329451 2018  1st. Lt. Pinkney Berry, Co. K 35th North Carolina Inf. CSA  
SMITH, GORDON R. Transfer from Col. John Sloan Camp 1290 - Nov 2012 300654 2018  
SOTER, DONALD BYRAM  2000 245005  2018 - State Life Membership from 2014 Pvt James Nimrod Byram 
STEVENS , WILLIAM (Bill)  Dec. 2010 317414 2018 Gen Albert Sidney Johnson 
TANNER, GARY JAMES  2009 200944  2018 Pvt Martin Luther Lohr Co. D 82nd Militia, VA 
THOMPSON, DANIEL BERTRAM March 2015 329480 2017 Pvt. Edward W. Fletcher, Co B. 8th VA. Inf. Buried Mt. Sharon Cemetery Middleburg 
THOMPSON, WILLIAM D. March 2015 329481 2017 Pvt. Edward W. Fletcher, Co B. 8th VA. Inf. Buried Mt. Sharon Cemetery Middleburg 
TRUESDALE, BRANDON  August 7, 2012 322426 2018 1st Sergeant Richard Rowland Kirkland, 2nd Reg. SC Infantry. "2nd Palmetto Regiment" 
VAN NESS, Dr. MICHAEL M00RE  September 2016 332940 2018 Pvt. John H. Palmer, Battery Mabry Light Artillery, Muskogee, Ga. CSA 
VAN NESS, JACKSON CREEL November 16, 2014 328359 2018 Via fathers line SCV E. Scott VanNess 
VAN NESS, SCOTT Transfer from R. E. Lee Camp. April 1997 46035  2018 - National Life Member Pvt. John H. Palmer, Battery Mabry Light Artillery, Muskogee, Ga. CSA 
WHITLEY, JOHN C. "Chuck"  Transfer from Clinton Hatcher Camp Sept 2017 334596 2018  
WILKES, GERALD FRANCIS December 23, 2002 245007 2018 Pvt. Benjamin W. Wilkes, 20th Regiment Virginia Volunteers; Pvt. John Thomas Cook, Co. E, 17th Va. Inf. Reg.; Pvt. Silas Bruce Hanback, Co. C, 49th VA. Inf. Reg.(Fauquier Guards); Pvt. Llewellen Hurt Co. E., 22nd Bat. VA Inf. Reg.; Pvt. Henry Williams, Co. A, 57th VA. Inf. Reg.  
WILSON, JOHN MICHAEL  2000 24685  2018  
Showing 56 items