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Next Camp Meeting 

Black Horse Camp #780 Annual Camp Meeting "Sunday"

November 13, 2016 1:00 PM. 

Inn at Kellys Ford, 

16589 Edwards Shop Rd, Remington, VA 22734

1:00 PM Annual Membership meeting business followed by Lunch and Speaker.

Please e-mail number attending to 

This meeting is open to the public, family and friends are encouraged to come.  If you are interested in history or joining. 

Please call 540-439-3303 or come by the meeting, visitors are welcome.  


Save the Date 

Next Camp Meeting December 6, 2016


 SCV and Community Service

 in Fauquier 2016

  • Assist Scouts in Repair the Ferguson Hamilton Cemetery
  • Fauquier Co Heritage Day 
  • Participated in the Brandy Station Commemoration
  • Marked two unmarked graves with tombstones. Installed three additional Southern Cross of Honor.
  • June & August First Friday Town of Warrenton
  • Anniversary Luminary for Col Mosby May 30th 
  • Confederate Memorial Service May 29th 
  • May First Friday, Town of Warrenton 
  • 2016 JROTC Hunley Awards
  • Clean up of Kelly-Payne Cemetery
  • Clean up at Newhouse Cemetery 
  • Identification of abandoned Arlington Cemetery Tombstones for Reclamation and proper disposal.
  • Installation of a replacement Southern Cross of Honor.
  • On going research and genealogy relating to confederate veterans of Fauquier County for others


Commander’s Corner

We continue to see damage and destruction to our Confederate monuments and makers.  Check out this link on the Confederate Facebook page.  The destruction here is horrible at the Monocacy Cemetery. Confederate CSA Photos

 Here is another link to a story on the Richmond Times Dispatch. It is about the mayoral candidate Joe Morrissey calling for the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue on Monument Avenue.  His wife is standing  beside him during the video. If they even get one down it will open the door for more to be removed. We don’t live in Richmond but may know some who do.  It is everyone’s duty to do what they can to prevent this guy from being elected. Jefferson Davis Statue

 It is a shame that what we believe in is becoming a political issue all over the country and especially in our local areas.  There is no direction from National Headquarters or our Virginia Division.  If they are planning something they are not sharing their thoughts.  We must continue to write letters and emails to our elected officials.  Persuade them to take action to stop the removal of Confederate monuments.  Continue to educate those around you. 

 As you already know the Appomattox statue in Alexandria is in the cross hairs of the City Council. The renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway and other streets in Alexandria is another topic they are undertaking.  From what I understand there were few from the Sons of Confederate Veterans at the meeting.  Few that were there supporting the efforts of the few.  I encourage everyone to stay involved.  The UDC pushed a law through in 1890 for the statue.  Please write your letters to state and local political officials, newspapers and online websites and social media.  Keep your letters short and to the point. Don’t be rude or arrogant. You don’t even have to say you are a member of the SCV. In fact it would be better coming from a concerned citizens point of view. As we have found out there are some publications that won't print anything from our point of view, but it is still important to make the effort.

 Deo Vindice,

 JT McConnell, Commander


First Friday in Old Town Warrenton, VA

May 11, 2016,  2016 - Hunley Awards of Fauquier County

Junior ROTC Award Recipients – left to right:

Presenter Commander JT McConnell,

Cadet Ashton Richard, Cadet Michelle Ponce, Cadet Daniel Rairgh,

SCV Life Member, Scott Van Ness



Fund Raisers
Compatriots  New to our Inventory of Fund Raisers:

In addition to the Camp mugs and glass steins. We have just added a new License Plate frames. 

These items can be purchased at the meetings, an event, or online via e-mail or snail mail. 


Board 2013-2015

Election Results

The 2015 Executive Board of Black Horse Camp #780. Serving the Term Dec 2015- Dec 2017, unless noted:

              John T. McConnell (J. T. )
1st Lieutenant Commander:
             Vacant (2019)
2nd Lieutenant Commander:  
               Gordon Smith (Term expires 2018)
            James Glenn (Term expires 2018)
Treasurer/ Membership: 
              Larry C. Payne (Term expires 2018)
Chaplin/ Historian: 
              Robert(Bob) Lawrence IV 
Color Guard Sargent/ Quartermaster:
              Mark S. Randall
1st. Color Guard Sargent:
              Harold L. Meadows (Term expires 2018)

New Board Induction Dec, 2015

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