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Black Horse Camp #780 

Next Camp Meeting

May 1,  2018

7:00 PM. 

Visitors Center 

33 N Calhoun St

Warrenton, VA

This meeting is open to the public, family and friends
are encouraged to come.

Induction of new officers.

Guest Speaker TBD

If you are interested in history or joining. 

Please call 540-439-3303 or come by the meeting, visitors are welcome.  


Starting the year off right!

January 11, 2018

The SCV Camp #780 in support of Historic Preservation presented the Fauquier Historical Society, Inc at their annual meeting a check for $13,000.00. 

These Funds were raised by our past Camp member Mr. Lynn Hopewell to create a memorial to the Black Horse Troop, CSA.  $3,000.00 of the Funds will be used to establish and maintain a permanent display in the Fauquier History Museum memorializing the history of the 4th VA Co H,  Black Horse troop, CSA and it's members.

SCV and Community Service
In Fauquier 2017

Assist Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation to reclaim the Heflin Cemetery - March

Assist Liberty High School Youth to reclaim historic Downman Cemetery - March

Assisted the UDC in the spraying and cleaning of confederate tombstones Warrenton Cemetery - March

Submitted funds for SCV Sam Davis Camp to sponsor a child - April 

Gave Hundley Awardes to
3 JROTC Cadets.

 Participated in the Warrenton Spring Festival with Exhibit tent - May

Assist in the Reward Fund for vandalism of the Warrenton Cemetery. 

Participated in 
the First Friday Events
of Old Town Warrenton

Repaired tombstones in Anderson/ Marshall Family Grave yard

Assist Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation to preserve the Hamilton Cemetery - October

Assist Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation to preserve the Pvt. Priest , CSA Cemetery - November

Assist Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation to preserve 2 historical family cemeteries Anderson and Payne Cemetery - December

Our Annual Meeting

                   November 2017

Our Annual Meeting November 2016

         Commander’s Corner    

Greetings Compatriots

I would like to bring to your attention a public hearing to be held on Wednesday, January 31, at 7:30 AM before the House of Delegates -  Counties, Cities, and Towns Subcommittee #1. At this meeting, the Subcommittee will consider and vote on proposed legislation that would strip existing protections from War Monuments. The vote will be for or against moving these bills forward in the legislative process. We need to do everything possible to stop this legislation here and now. To that end, I have requested all of our members to contact the Delegates on that Subcommittee and respectfully voice their opposition to these particular bills and any others offered for that purpose. I should mention that I just finished calling all of these delegates and was received with courtesy and some enthusiasm.

I am repeating this call to action in this forum to emphasize the critical nature of our response. I also hope that any other citizens who may read these posts will be inspired to action. This will not be the end of this issue and we must remain vigilant.

Additional Information: House of Delegates Counties, Cities, and Towns Subcommittee #1  Second Floor, Room E 200-A, Pocahontas Building, State Capital

                                     January 31, 2018  7:30 AM

Please Call or email Subcommittee Members:

Delegate and Committee Chairman Charles Poindexter at - telephone 804-698- 1009

Delegate Terry Austin - 804-698-1019

Delegate Jeffery Campbell - - 804-698-1006

Delegate John McGuire - - 804-698-1056

Delegate Robert Thomas- - 804-698-1028

Delegate Stephen Heretick- - 804-698-1079

Delegate Jennifer Boysco -  - 804-698-1086

Delegate John Bell - - 804-698-1087

Please attend our next meeting on Tuesday, February 6th, 7:00 PM, at the Warrenton Visitors Center


Rick Hudson, Commander

Black Horse Camp #780


January 2018

Members in Action

YouTube Video

March 2017 - Members in Action helping others find another confederate grave site.


First Friday Exhibit 2017


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