Citadel Service

Black Frog Logistics will currently accept contracts going to/from citadels owned by the following:

  • 5th. Division (alliance)
  • Allgemeiner Wahnsinn (corp)
  • BOT EXECS (corp)
  • Brigade of Outer Space Production (corp)
  • Eternal Zero (corp)
  • Fusion Enterprises Ltd (corp; NBW-GD BadFellas Stores only)
  • HIgh Sec Care Bears (corp)
  • HISCB Holding (corp)
  • House Singularity (corp; Basgerin - Vatican Freeport Popestar only)
  • Ivy League (alliance)
  • Lap Dancers (corp)
  • Last of the Holdings (corp)
  • Legion of xXDeathXx (Limited Service:¬†click here for list)
  • Mercenary Coalition Holding Corp (corp)
  • Mogul Financial (alliance)
  • Natural Trading II (corp)
  • New Eden Trading Company. (alliance)
  • Phoenix Rising Fleet (corp)
  • Red-Frog (alliance)
  • Super Cr3w (corp; EWOK-K only)
  • United Capital Carrier Construction Corporation (corp)

Requirements to have your Corporation added to this list:

  • Your Alliance must have more than 300 members and have Black Frog Logistics set blue.
  • The Corporation that owns the citadel must have more than 100 members (or be the alliance's exec corp).
  • Your Corporation must allow Black Frog Logistics to dock free of charge in their citadel(s) at all times.

If you are interested in adding your citadel(s) to our service list have your corp ceo or listed diplomat evemail Lyn Fel.

If you do not meet the requirements listed above to have your corporation added to our service list and would still like to be able to have our services provided to your system we now offer an additional option...

  • Client anchors the structure and transfers ownership to Black Frog Logistics (if in SOV space the client's corporation/alliance must own the system or be an authorized renter of an alliance blue to Black Frog Logistics).
  • Client provides their own ACL to control all services other than the ability to revoke Black Frog Logistics members tethering and docking rights.
  • Black Frog Logistics would then provide full service to/from the structure.
  • The structure will be returned to the client at any time per their request (after any in progress contracts involving the structure are completed).
  • Black Frog Logistics does not take responsibility should the structure be destroyed by a hostile party and does not have the ability to defend the structure themselves.
Other restrictions apply. If you are interested in this service please evemail Which Frog to work out the details.