Player-Owned Structures

Black Frog Logistics will currently accept contracts going to/from structures owned by the following alliances:

  • 5th. Division
  • Ivy League
  • Legion of xXDeathXx
  • Mogul Financial
  • Theran Alliance
Black Frog Logistics will also accept contracts going to/from structures owned by the following corporations:
  • About 25 Ninjas (KPI-OW - The Outer Post only)
  • All models are 18 years old (H-29TM and QYT-X8 only)
  • Allgemeiner Wahnsinn
  • Alpha Republic - Transenders of Space and Time
  • Brave Holdings
  • Brigade of Outer Space Production
  • Claws of the Demon
  • CO-OP PVE (TFPT-U and F18-AY only)
  • Divine Power Industries (NBW-GD - Prince Charming only)
  • Forsak-N-Legion
  • Half Emotional
  • HIgh Sec Care Bears
  • HISCB Holding
  • House Singularity (Basgerin - Vatican Freeport Popestar only)
  • Ice Walkers (8P-LKL only)
  • Independent Space Industries (RF-X&V Tittie Twister)
  • Lap Dancers
  • Love All Woodland Nymphs (Keepstar, Sotiyo & Tatara in OP7-BP and VI2K-J - Landing Zone only)
  • Pepe le Pew Productions (EU-WFW - Pepe's Pub only)
  • RM Group (4DH-ST - Reprocessing plant only)
  • Stellar Creations (8DL-CP - ATLANTIS only)
  • Suddenly Spaceless
  • Super Cr3w (EWOK-K only)
  • Taggart Transdimensional (UAV-1E only)
  • The Damn Idiots (P-NI4K only)
  • The Endless Odyssey
  • The heart of the world (P-NI4K only)
  • Tranquility Trading Corporation (Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower only)
  • United Capital Carrier Construction Corporation
  • VITEH Inc (QFU-4S - Nest, Y40K-W - Nest, F01U-k - Nest & RXTY-4 - Nest only)
  • What IU Doing
  • Which Has become IncorporatedĀ 
* There are a few exceptions (the trip calculator will tell you if a system is not serviced).

Requirements to have your Corporation added to this list:

  • Your Alliance must have more than 300 members and have Black Frog Logistics set blue.
  • The Corporation that owns the structure(s) must have more than 100 members (or be the alliance's exec corp).
  • Your Corporation must allow Black Frog Logistics to dock free of charge and access to cloning (when available; for cynos) in their structures at all times.

If you are interested in adding your structure(s) to our service list have your corporation's CEO or listed diplomat evemailĀ Lyn Fel.