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Blackfoot 43

Helping to Train Adult Scout Leaders Since 1978

"I would most definitely recommend Blackfoot to ALL Leaders. I think it should be mandatory for anyone who has never been part of a troop or patrol." Blackfoot 37 graduate

Our Motto: "To Help a Scout to do the Best They Can ! "

Blackfoot scout leader training occurs over three sessions:

a one day session, and two weekend sessions.

The dates for Blackfoot 43 are:

Session 1 March 19, 2022 Sat. 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM at Bethel UM Church

Session 2 April 2 & 3, 2022 Sat. 7:00 AM to Sun 3:00 PM at Camp Falling Rock

Session 3 April 23 & 24, 2022 Sat. 7:00 AM to Sun 3:00 PM at Camp Falling Rock

All sessions will be primarily outdoors.

All participants shall bring camp chairs and Face coverings (required at all sessions)

Participants will camp at Camp Falling Rock during Session 2 and Session 3 (required), 12637 Houdeshell Rd., St. Louisville, OH 43017

We look forward to seeing you there!

The mission of Blackfoot is to inspire and train adult scout leaders

so they can effectively help a Scout to be a better adult.

Blackfoot 43 Registration

Registration for Blackfoot 43 can be completed here:

Register Here on this SKC Council Link

Cost is $75.00 if paid by February 27, 2022 and $95.00 after February 27, 2022, so register early to get the discount!

10 Reasons Why You Should Take Blackfoot

by Steve Farst, Course Director Blackfoot 40 & 41

Why Is Blackfoot Unique?

Blackfoot is not just another training course. Blackfoot is an exciting adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. It will prepare you for the challenges and joys of leading a scout troop as you live and breathe scouting as a member of a patrol. Click here to read more about this unique experience!

You as an Adult Leader, will be trained by our exceptional staff. All Blackfoot staff members are EDGE trained. Each one of them had a distinctive career as a scout leader and volunteer.


There are the enhanced training courses, but the course that brings it to a "whole new level", and a training course "on steroids", is Blackfoot!!!!

Testimonial by Blackfoot 34 participant

Just finished one of the most fun, challenging, rewarding, exhilarating, emotional, and best Scout trainings ever through Blackfoot 37.

Testimonial by Blackfoot 37 graduate

Following is a letter to Jan Berry - former Darby Creek District Director

from one of our enthusiastic graduates.


First of all I wanted to give you some feedback on the Blackfoot program, which I completed this last weekend at Camp Falling Rock. It was the most professional, effective, and relevant training I have been a part of. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, and worked very well with a large group of new Scouters with varying degrees of outdoor experience. The $60 fee was worth every penny, and in fact I would have paid more for it and been very satisfied. I have years of outdoor experience and was still able to learn things from the versatile staff, and the outdoor “rookies” in my patrol were able to master those outdoor skills in quick order and with impressive retention. When passionate people volunteer to take on a project they care about, you give them the resources and get out of their way. SKC has done a great job doing just that with the Blackfoot staff, and should be proud of the results and the culture created by these fine folks.

Please pass along my positive comments to appropriate people in the council, as well as the great Blackfoot 35 staff. Many times, as managers, we only hear complaints so I wanted to give praise where it is due. Great job!

Ta Ha Yule!

Matt McConnell

Graduate of Blackfoot 35