About Us

Although we only formally organized in 2012 the Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists have been an unofficial group for years cutting out trees and keeping trails open and accessible for all users. We finally organized once we realized a need for an organized mountain bike voice to improve communication with governmental agencies and other similarly focused user groups and to improve improve riding opportunities for mountain bikers while minimizing conflict with other trail users.

In the past the Forest Service had numerous trail crews keeping the hundreds of miles of trails in the Bitterroot open and accessible. Budgetary constraints have significantly reduced the size of the crews and the Forest Service now relies on volunteer groups such as ours to keep trails free of fallen logs and encroaching vegetation. Over the last several years we have annually kept nearly 100 miles of trails open for all users, including bikers, hikers, and horses. We have collaborated with the Backcountry Horsemen to improve creek crossings at Coyote Coulee, and helped Como Trails add a new section of trail for cross country skiing in the winter.