Mountain Biking in the Bitterroot

Western Montana and the Bitterroot Valley have hundreds of miles of single track, and here at Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists we are working on keeping the trails cleared, maintained, and open.

In the spring, when the snow melts we are the first one on trails, before the horsemen, before the hikers, before the dirt bikes. Clearing trails of the the winter's deadfall

We love to ride, whether it is rock gardens of Camas Lake or a lung burning climb up Warm Springs Ridge. Our goal is to get out and explore the farthest reaches, and the forgotten trails of the Bitterroot.

Realizing how privileged we are to live and play here, we also understand that the trails need love and maintenance. We believe we a duty to be good stewards and understanding that all trail use has an impact, we hope to leave the trails a little better off after each ride.

About us:

Do you love rocks, roots, and dirt? Do you love to get dirty? If so, help us build and maintain trails in the Bitterroot Valley. We might even manage to do some pedaling and check out our handy work.