Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin is a revolutionary system that is quite complex and has a high learning curve. Make sure you have a decent grasp of the system before you store a significant amount of value in it!

Getting Started:
Explain Bitcoin Like I'm Five
The Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto
The Big Picture (non-technical)
The Value of Blockchains (non-technical, beyond just currency)
How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (5 min video)
How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (22 min video)
Original Bitcoin Wiki (may be out of date)

Online Courses
In-depth Udemy Course (over 8 hours of video tutorials)
Coursera Cryptocurrency Course (61 videos in 11 sections)
Khan Academy Bitcoin Course (9 ~10 minute videos)
Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series (over 7 hours of video tutorials)
Introduction to Bitcoin (3 hour course available via free trial)
Introduction to Digital Currency - MOOC offered by University of Nicosia

Deep Dive Technical Resources:
Bitcoin Stack Exchange (Technical Q & A)
Historical Literature - work that preceded Bitcoin

Bitcoin Conference Presentations

Staying Up-to-date:
Bitcoin Nodes by Country
Bitcoin Queue - mempool fee stats
Bitcoin Pulse - Tracking Bitcoin Adoption
Bitcoin Richlist - see the distribution of wealth
Bitcoinity - Exchange & Blockchain stats
BitInfoCharts (Comparison of misc cryptocurrencies)
OXT - blockchain explorer + privacy analysis - many historical block & transaction stats - realtime Bitcoin node stats
TradeBlock - realtime block & mempool stats

How Bitcoin Mining Works (in layman's terms)
Cryptocoin mining relative profitability
Organ of Corti (mining / network analysis blog)

Realtime Exchange Data:
Winklevoss Price Index

Vendors accepting Bitcoin:
Airbitz Merchant Directory
Map of physical stores accepting Bitcoin

Setting up a wallet:
Choose your wallet here
You'll note that there are a variety of options.
Our wallet recommendations:

    For a desktop wallet: Electrum
    For an Android wallet: Mycelium
    For an iPhone wallet: breadwallet
    For a web wallet: BitGo
Note that it is NOT recommended that Bitcoin newcomers use the Bitcoin Core wallet. The Core wallet is much more resource intensive than other wallets and will not function properly unless it is running constantly on an active Internet connection.