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The NINES  2019 - 2009 - 1999 - 1989 - 1979 - 1969 - 1959

Spring 2020 CBC TV

Summer 2019

March 2018  School

_ March 2018_ James WarholaNYC_  Arts Happening 

February 2017_Fathers and Daughters _Les Canadiennes de Montréal - photo with Angéline

November 2016_Esperanto über alles_ Montreal photos by Victor

July 2016  Joshua Tree Forever (Sung to the tune of 'Strawberry Fields'...)

June 2016_ San Francisco, CA _ At  Jack Kerouac Alley

April 2016_ Antoine Maisondieu_ NYC_  Camus: A Stranger in The City

01_10_2016 Pictures with William S. Burroughs from January 8, 2013

See.  I am not alone. Chicago, 2015

February 2015_Father and Son _Bombardiers de Rosemont_Montréal - photo with Victor

April 2014  Between Dix and Dali MBAM

October 2013  My Son took this picture.  At David Bowie is Toronto

August 2013 "We are family" Montreal

January 2013 My Daughter took this picture.  Sitting in her room.  After watching this

October 2012 Infopresse Montréal


April 2011_ San Francisco, CA _ At  Jack Kerouac Alley

Big Sur Bisson


The NINES  2009 - 1999 - 1989 - 1979 - 1969 - 1959



December 2008_December in Venice




 June 2008_Adventures with Shark Boy and Lava Girl



April 2008_ waiting for Avanish Kaushik @ WEB Analytics' Day


 October 2007_Saint-Jean-Baptiste _ Patti Smith doing Ginsberg in Church




                                                       January 2007_Sillery,QC _ The 4th & The 3rdThe 2nd ;  TheFirst.  All of us


September 2006_ San Francisco, CA _ At Jack Kerouac Alley


June 2006_ Montreal, QC _For a brief moment, it seemed Rock & Roll would INHERIT THE EARTH.


                                                       August 1990 Live in QUEBEC             March 1986 Born in CANADA



July 1981...the artist as a young man_A discussion with William S. Burroughs


              December 2005 ...brave, bold, extravagantly experimental_Adventures with Gordon Sheppard



April 2002 ...Rock the Casbah_ Springtime in Algeria 


Sept 2002 ...First we take Timbuktu_ Autumn in Mali


June 2001_ w/ MCL in Quebec City


Sept 2006 Hollywood   F for FAKE - Ha, ha!  - Merci Mr Welles Mrs Fame and Co



                             The Elvis of the 1970s                                                                                                                                                                                            


HELL featuring Bryan Ferry                               Jenny Jenny

                                                                                                                                      Remember to always think twice...    Beauty Queen with an M16     ...w/ Lajoie


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And as for the place's strange name with the extra space—close your eyes and picture the neon Schwab's sign atop the building, still advertising the famed spot that used to be here, then visualize the first three letters and the b all going dark.

So you're now only seeing the w, the a and the s still lit—a nod to history, in neon.
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GOOGL For an age in which reality and entertainment have become increasingly intertwined