Birgitta Hallberg - textile artist


Welcome to my website! 

I'm a textile artist living i Denmark, born i Sweeden. Since my début back in 1974 at the prestigious Artists' Autumn Exhibition in Copenhagen I have exhibited my tapestries at many art galleries, museums and institutions in Denmark and abroad - solo, with groups or in  juried exhibitions. See some of my tapestries in my Gallery. Click here to see a list of my Exhibitions and a Short CV and email



Land of childhood I - 116x118 cm

I don't like to comment on my works. Just a title - and let them speak for themselves!

My work process: From a sketch underneath the warp I let my tapestries grow with many colours. My materials are wool, flax and cotton. I use gobelin technique in a very free way and often combine it with a free use of the traditional Swedish technique Rosengang. 


  I also take a great interest in the small format of mini textiles. It's fascinating to work within the limitations the small format 20 x 20 cm puts on you. See some examples here and  in my Mini Tapestry Gallery



Bird Cliff I-IV - 20 x 20  cm