Massachusetts Birding Trails

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Most of the 703 waypoints in the Massachusetts Birding Locations file have been cross referenced by page number to two major publications. Other sites were provided by local birders or identified from various birding web sites


A Birder's Guide to Eastern Massachusetts. Author: Bird Observer; Publisher: ABA; ISBN: 1-878788-08-6

Bird Finding Guide to Western Massachusetts; ISBN: 1-892893-02-9

Places to bird in and around Arlington, MA

Essex County Birding Trail

Sites in these files

Agassiz Rock, Alford 1, Alford 2 Brook, Alford 3, Allard Farm, Andrew's Point, Appleton Farm, Appleton Grass Rides, Aqua Vitae Rd 1, Aqua Vitae Rd 2, Arcadia MAS, Arcadia Meadows (West Meadows), Arlington Great Meadows 1, Arlington Great Meadows 2, Arlington Great Meadows 3, Arlington Res 1, ArlingtonRes 2, Arnold Arboretum, Ashley Reservoir, Ashley-Bearhole Watershed Entrance, AssabetRvrNWR, Assawompsett Pond, Atkins Reservoir, Atlantic Drive, Avenue A Fruit Trees, Back Shore start, Bailey's Causeway, Bank Swallow Colony, Bartholomews Cobble, Bartletts Ocean View Farm, Barton Cove Boat Ramp, Barton Cove Campground, Barton Cove Riverview Dr, Bash Bish Falls Lower Parking, Bash Bish Falls Upper Parking, Bass Rocks, Batchelor Brook BWWA, Batchelor Brook large pond, Batchelor Brook LOWA, Batchelor Brook Poor Farm, Batchelor Brook second pond, Batchelor Brook Start, Batchelor Brook Water Reclamation, Baxendale Nature Sanctuary, Bay Rd, Bayberry Hill, Beach Club, Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary - Restricted Access, Bearhole Reservoir North Gate, Bearhole Reservoir South Gate, BearskinNeck, Bedford Garden Plots, Beech Forest, Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, Bennett Meadow WMA, Berchulski Fishing Area, Berry Hill, Blue Hills Res, Blueberry Patch, Boat Launch Turn, Bolton Flats WMA, Bondi's Island, Borden Brook Reservoir, Box Turtle Woods, Brace Cove, Bradstreet Marsh, Brant Rock, Breakwater, Brielman Section Pittsfield, Brooks Estate, Brooks Pond, Brooks Woodland Preserve TTOR, Brown's Field, Buckley Dutton Lake access rd, Bucks Creek, Burnt Hill Blueberry Barrens, Caldwell and River Rd Area, Canoe Meadows MAS, Cape Cod NS Visitor Center, Cataumet Cemetery, Cathedral Ave, Cedar Lake, Cedar Swamp Access 1, Cedar Swamp Access 2, CedarSt swampy areas, Cerulean Pullout 1980s, Chain Bridge, Chapoquoit Beach, Chatham Fish Piew, Chatham Light, Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill Reservoir, Chicopee Memorial State Park, Chicopee River Floodplain Bellevue Ave, Chicopee River Floodplain TaylorSt, Choate Bridge, Cisco, Clark's Pond, Clarksburg State Park, Clinton Dam, Clinton Dike, Cockle Cove, Conant Street, Congamond Lake Boat Ramp, Congamond Lakes Brayton Dr, Congamond Rd Pulloff, Cook State Forest, Cooley Lake Cemetery Parking, Cotchpinicut North Chatham, Cove Area Ponds, Cow Yard North Chatham, Coys Brook, Cranberry Bog, Crane Beach, Crestview Country Club, Crooked Pond, Crows Pond, Crows Pond 2, Crystal Lake, Ct River Pool Parking, CT River View Willimansett, Cumberland Farms, Cummington Beaver Pond, Damons Point, Daniel Webster MAS, Davis Farm, Dead Branch Swamp, Dead Branch Swamp Pallet Bridge, Dinosaur Footprints TTOR, Dirt Pile Cinder Road, Dog Bar, Driftway Boat Ramp, Drumlin Farm MAS, Dunback Meadow 1, Dunback Meadow 2, East Hadley Rd, East Leverett Meadow, East Meadows Hockanum Rd, East Mountain South Section, East Quabbin Land Trust, Eastern Slope Mt Toby, Egg Rock, Egypt Beach, Elm Hill Farm MAS, Enfield Lookout, Ephs Pond, Exposition Grounds, Falls Rd Chard Pond, Fannie Stebbins Refuge, Farm Pond, Farm Road, Federation SF, Federation SF Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Felix Nec MAS, Ferry Hill Thicket, First Encounter Beach, Fishermen's Memorial, Fitzgerald Lake CA Boggy Marian St, Fitzgerald Lake CA Boggy Meadow Rd, Fitzgerald Lake CA N Farms Rd, Flogers Marsh, Folly Cove, Forest Beach, Forest Hills Cemetery, Forest Park, Fountain Park, Fourth Cliff, Fowler Tree Farm, Fox Island, Fox Island 2, Frank E Winsor Memorial, FreshPond, Fruitlands Overlook, Gap Cove, Gate 12 Quabbin, Gate 12 Quabbin Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Gate 15 Quabbin, Gate 15 Quabbin Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Gate 16 Quabbin, Gate 22 Quabbin, Gate 35 Quabbin, Gate 36 Quabbin, Gate 36 Quabbin Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Gate 37 Quabbin, Gate 40 Quabbin, Gate 40 Quabbin Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Gate 41Quabbin, Gate 43 Quabbin, Gate 45 Quabbin, Gate 5 Quabbin, Gate 52 Quabbin, Gate 6 Quabbin, Gate 8 Quabbin, Gate Unnumbered, Gate37Quabbin Bird Finding Guide to W MA, Gay Head, Gay Head Dump, GMNWR HQ, Golden Hill Rd, Good Harbor Beach, Goodnough Dike, Goose Pond Via Appalacian Trail, Granby Rd Mill, Granville SF 2nd campground enterance, Granville SF HQ, Granville SF Picnic Area Rd, Grasslands Lane, Graves Farm MAS, Great Brook Marsh Area, Great Meadows Concord, Great Point, Green Pond Rd, Green River Cemetery, Greenfield Community College, Greylock Glen Gould Rd, Greylock Glen W Mountain Rd, Griswold Wildlife Preserve, Grove Ave Vineyard Haven Harbor, Gulf Road, Hadley Farm, Hahn's Farm and Power Line, Halibut Point, Hampden Memorial Park, Hanscom Field, Hardings Beach, Harts Pond, Harts Pond Marshes, Harvard Pond, Hawley Bog, Hawley Bog 1, Hayden Woods, Heard Farm, Heards Pond, Heath Park, Hedgerow, Hells Kitchen, Henry's Pond, Heritage Park, Heron Rookery Andover, Heron Rookery Littleton, Heron Rookery Westwood, Herring Cove, High Ledges MAS, High Ridge WMA Chapel St Entrance, High Ridge WMA E Gardner Rd Entrance, High Ridge WMA Overlook Rd Entrance, High Ridge WMA Smith St Entrance, Highland Park, Hobbs Brook, Holyoke Dam, Hoosac Lake North Parking, Hoosac Lake South, Hoosac Lake The Causeway, Horn Pond, Horn Pond - Community Gardens, Horn Pond Brook Bikeway 1, Horn Pond Brook Bikeway 2, Housatonic WMA Decker Access, Housatonic WMA Woods Pond, Hubbard Hill Rd, Hycrest Farm, Ibis Pool, Ice Glenn Lauras Tower 1, Ice Glenn Lauras Tower 2, Indian Hill Rd, Ipswich Shopping Ctr, IpswichTwn Pier, Jacobs Hill TTOR, Jamaica Pond, Jarvis Nature Sanctuary, Jeffreys Neck, Jerusalem Road, Jetties-Brant Point, Johnson Swamp, Jones Ferry Rd Boat Landing, Joppa Flats MAS, Jug End WMA, Julia Bird Res, Katama Beach, Katama Farm, Katama UPSA, Kathy Terrace, Knightly Rd, Knightville Dam Entrance, Knightville Dam WMA Dirt Entrance, Knightville Dam WMA Overlook, Lake Lashaway, Lake Lashaway Park beach, Lake Lashaway Shore Rd, Lamberts Cove End, Lamberts Cove Start, Larch Hill Conservation Area, Law Enforcement Academy, Lawrence Swamp Rail Trail Parking, Lawrence Swamp West Entrance, Ledge Walk, Leonard Pond, Leverette Pond, Lewis Lake, Lewis Park, Lighthouse Point, Lighthouse Road, Little Good Harbor Beach, Little Island Preservation Trust, Little Neponset Rd, Loblolly Cove, Locke Farm/Whipple Hill 1, Locke Farm/Whipple Hill 2, LocustGroveCemetery, Logan AP View, Long Beach Nahant Causeway, Long Point Wildlife Refuge, Long Pond, Long Pond View, Longmeadow Sandbar, Longmeadow SandbarWest Rd, Lovers Lake, Lucy Stone Park, Ludlow Reservoir, Lynn Beach, LynnfieldHeronRookery, M-M Trail Gate, MacAvays Pond, Macmillan Warf, Maitland Memorial Forest, Manuel F Correllus State Forest, Maplecroft Farm, Marblehead Neck MAS, Marconi sparrows, Mark's Meadow School, Marshy Pond Petersham, Marthas Vineyard Airport, MAS Wellfleet, Mayhew Chapel, Meadow Brook Park, Meadow St and Russellville Rd, Megansett Harbor, Megansette Harbor View, Menemsha Bight, Menemsha Creek, Menotomy Rocks Park, Miacomet Pond, Middle Pond Echo Rd, Middlesex Fells Ramshead Winford Way, Middlesex Fells Ramshead Winthrop St, Migratory Way, Mill Creek Rd, Mill Village Rd WITU, Millenium Park, Miller Rd Parking, Minot & the Glades, Mittineague Park, Monomoy NWR HQ, Monroe State Forest, Montague Plains WMA, Moody Bridge Rd, Moose Brook, Moose Brook Valley View parking, Moran WMA North, Moran WMA South, Morris Island Causeway, Moshup Trail, Moshup Trail Turnout, Moswetuset Hummock, Mount Watatic, Mt Auburn Cemetery, Mt Everett Entrance, Mt Everett Summit, Mt Greylock Nothch Rd, Mt Greylock Summit, Mt Tom East Entrance Parking, Mt Tom West Entrance Parking, Mt Wachusett Community College, Mt Washington West St Area, Muddy River, Mullins Way Playing Fields, Musquashicut Pond, Mystic Lakes, Mytoi, Nahant Rotary Parking, Nahant Thicket, Nahant Thicket Pkg, Nahant Ward Rd, Nahanton Park, Nantucket Harbor Flats, Nashawtuc Golf Course, Neck Road, Neds Ditch, Nelson St Playground, Nile's Beach, Nile's Pond, Nine Acre Corner, Norman's Pond, North and Hollow Rds 1, North and Hollow Rds 2, North Head Long Pond, North River, North River Launch, North Street Windsor, Northeastern Campus 1, Northeastern Campus 2, Northfield Center Cemetery, Northfield Public Golf Course, Norwottuck Rail Trail, Notch Visitors Center, Notchview Reservation, Nyes Neck Thickets, Ocean Park, Oceanside Drive, October Mtn Appalachian Trail, October Mtn Country Rd Fork, October Mtn Felton Lake, October Mtn Four Corners, October Mtn Mud Pond hike, October Mtn Wetland 1, October Mtn Wetland 2, Old Deerfield Marsh, Old Fish Hatchery, Old Mill Pond, Old Pumping Station, Old Silver Beach, Old South Rd, Old Westfield Orchard, Old Westfield Spruce Grove, Onota Lake, Onota Lake Boat Launch, Onota Lake Burbank Park, Owl Banding Site, Oxbow NWR, Oyster Pond, Page School, Pelham Is Sudbury Rv, Pelham Island Rd, Pelham Overlook, Phelon Hawk Watch, Phelon Rd Apple Orchard, Phelon Rd bottom of hill, PI Basin, PI Beach Scan, PI Bill Forward Pool Blind, PI Hellcat Swamp, PI Kettle Hole- Lot 3, PI North End, PI Parking Lot 5, PI Pines Trail (Old Pines), PI Salt Pannes, PI Sandy Point, PI Stage Island Pool, PI Tower Emerson Rocks, PI Wardens, Pike's Bridge Rd, Pilgrim Heights, Pilgrim Lake, Pilgrim Lake Thickets, Pine Quarry Reservation, Plainfield Beaver Pond MAS, Plainfield Farm Fields, Plainfield Pond, Pleasant Valley MAS, Plum Island HQ, Plum Springs, Plymouth Beach, Pocomo Head, Poets Seat Tower, Point of Pines, Polpis Harbor, Polpis Pines, Pontoosuc Bridge-Causeway, Pontoosuc Lake, Pontoosuc Lake North Parking, Post Farm, Prospect Lake, Public Garden, Pump Station View CT River, Quabbin Hill, Quabbin Lookout Tower, Quabbin Visitor Center, Quabbin Winsor Dam Parking, Quaboag Pond, Quaboag River, Quaboag River Rest Area, Quaboag River View, Quaboag WMA, Quaboag WMA second gate, Quacumquasit Lake, Quay Rd, Questing Reservation, Quissett Harbor, Quittacas Pond, Quittacas Pond Causeway, Race Point and Airport, Railroad Bed, Rattlesnake Gutter, Ravenswood Park, Reed Brook Park, Revere Beach North, Revere Beach South, Rexhame Beach, Rice Farm, Richmond Marsh, Richmond Pond, Ripley Farm, River Rd Pulloff, River Street, Roaring Brook Rd Woodland Rd, Robert Frost Trail, Robinson SP James St Section, Robinson SP Main Entranance, Robinson SP N Westfield St Section, Robinson SP Power Line, Rock Meadow, Rocky Neck, Rosies Puddle, Round Hill, Rowley Shores, Royalston, Royalston Common, Royalston Falls Rd, Royalston Falls TTOR no road, Royalston NE Fitzwilliam Rd, Royalston2, Rt 9 Marsh, Rutland Trip 1.0 Boat Launch, Rutland Trip 1.1 Marsh Pulloff, Rutland Trip 1.2 Barrack Rd, Rutland Trip 2.0 Start, Rutland Trip 2.1 Longmeadow Rd, Rutland Trip 2.2 Prison Farm, Rutland Trip 2.3 Power Line Pulloff, Rutland Trip 2.4 Conifers, Rutland Trip 2.5 E Branch Ware R, Rutland Trip 2.5 Foundation, Rutland Trip 2.7 W Branch Ware R, Rutland Trip 2.8 Tracy Rd Picnic, Rutland Trip 3.1 Pine Plans terminus, Rutland Trip 3.2 Marsh, Rutland Trip 3.3 Muddy Pond, Rutland Trip 4.0 Start, Rutland Trip 4.1 dirt parking lot, Rutland Trip 4.2 Spillway, Rutland Trip 4.3 pond, Rutland Trip 4.4 Wood Rd V1, Rutland Trip 4.5 Blake Rd V2, Rutland Trip 4.6 Harding Hill Pulloff, Rutland Trip 4.7 Crossover Rd, Saddle Ball Mtn Appalachian Trail, Salisbury Boat Launch, Salisbury Jetties, Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuary, Sandpiper Inn Ruins, Sandy Beach, Sandy Neck, Sankaty Light, Sarsons Island, Satans Kingdom WMA Pulloff, Savoy Mt Summit Busby Swamp, Scatteree Rd North Chatham, Scituate Harbor, Scraggy Neck Causeway, Seawall Boat Ramp, Sengekontacket Pond, Sesachacha Pond Quidnet, Sesachacha Pulloff 1, Sesachacha Pulloff 2, Seths Pond, Shaker Glen Lexington, Shaker Glen-Woburn, Shank Painter Pond, Shaughnessy Swamp, Sherman Bridge, Siasconset Parking, Silos, Sippewissett Rd Thickets, Skinner State Park, Slough Cove Rd, Smiley's Mill Pond Turnout, Smith Point, South Beach Shuttle, South Congamond 2nd St, South River Launch, SouthBeach, Southern End Mt Toby, SPENA, Springside Park, Springside Park Benedict Rd, Spruce Corner 1 Start, Spruce Corner 2 Wet Woods, Spruce Corner 3 Marshy Area Pull Off, Spruce Corner 4 Lumberyard, Spruce Corner 5 Maple Grove, Spruce Corner 6 Spruce Grove, Spruce Corner 7 South Face Maple Farm, Spruce Corner 8 Ford Pond, Spruce Grove, Spruce Plantation, Spur Rd to River, Spy Pond, Squam Road, Squantum St, Squaw Rock, Squibnocket Beach, Stadium Marsh, Stage Fort, Stage Harbor Battlefield Road, State Fish Pier, StauffersSpot, Still River Depot Rd, Stillwater Bridge, Stockbridge Bowl, Stockbridge Bowl Town Beach, Sudbury Landfill, Sugarloaf Mountain, Summer St, Swallow Cave Rd, Swift River Reservation TTOR, Tack Factory Pond, Tannery Falls, The Bashin Start, The Cove, The Dell, The Honey Pot, The Mill River Nook, Third Cliff, Three Mild Pond Warbler Stop, Three Mile Pond WMA Parking, Tierney Swamp, Tisbury Waterworks, Tom Nevers Bluff, Tom Swamp Rd, Town Farm, Tri-Town Beach, Trout Pond, Tryingham 6 Stream, Tully Dam Pull Off, Turner Falls Airport Main Entrance, Turners Falls Airport Runway End, Turners Falls Rod and Gun Club, Tyringham 1 Start, Tyringham 2 Pulloff, Tyringham 3 Breakneck Rd, Tyringham 4 Hop Brook Bridge, Tyringham 5 Shaker Pond, Tyringham 7 Wet Meadow, Tyringham 8 Cobble TTOR, Underwater Bridge, Veasy Park, Victory Rd, Vineyard Sound 1, Vineyard Sound 2, Vineyard Sound 3, Wachusett Ledges Pullout, Wachusett Mountain Summit, Wachusett Oxbow Overlook, Waldorf School, Waltham St Conservation 1, Walthan St Conservation 2, Wampatuck State Park, Warf Newburyport, Washbrook Marsh Trail, Washington Street, Wasque Reservation, Water St ACFL, Wayland Gardens, Wells State Park, Wendy's Lane, West Street Area, West Street Pulloff, Westover Air Reserve Base - pre-arranged tours, Westover Grasslands Fence, Westover Grasslands more, Westover Marshes, Ludlow, Westville Dam, Whately 1 River Rd, Whately 2 Straits Rd, Whately 3 Long Plain rd, Whately 4 Christian Lane, Whately 5 North St Swamp, Whately 6 Turn Around, Whately 7 Westbrook Rd, Whately 8 Turn Around, Whately 9 Reservoir Dike, Whitney Thayer Woods, Wickaboag Pond, Wild Harbor Rd Marsh, Wild Turkey Area, Wildcat Rd Big Water Tower, Wildcat Rd Spruces, Wildwood Area, Wildwood Cemetery, Willodale Mill Reservation, Willow Brook WMA, Willowdale SF North, Willowdale SF South, Windsor Rd Pulloff, Wings Neck View, Winimusset Meadows WMA, Winsor Dam, Winthrop Seawall, Wollaston Beach, Wood End-Long Point-Dike, Wooded Marsh, Woodward Bridge, Worlds End

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