Just A few satisfied customers


Just wanted to keep you updated on our progress. WE LOVE HER! She is as amazing as you claimed - even our vet said that in all his years (he used to practice in Arizona) of practice, she is the best Fox Terrier he has treated. "You have an exceptional wire." Since we are the only ones in town, he can be forthright in his claim. She has had time now to settle in and she continues to amaze us with her incredible personality, good nature and winning ways. Thank you for letting her go. I suppose at some time in the future we will want another wire (Marc and I have already said, it would be nice to have two someday). Everyone who meets her can hardly believe that no one else around here has one (I can't imagine why myself - they are perfect for our way of living and environment). So, I suppose you will be getting a call or two one of these days from those who have met her.

I really can't say enough good about her - one never knows when buying from a breeder off the internet and far away - but, your site truly reflects the quality of dogs you breed and the personalities you promote.

She has learned a great deal from our Chesapeake and they are inseparable when Fergie is outside. Just as I had hoped. She is doing very well in the house - so much so that I can trust her for periods of time when she is inside with me. She also goes to work with me (I work sporadically during the week - about 4-6 hours at a time, about three times a week) and after she greets everyone who works there she is content to curl up under my desk until it is time to go. WHAT A DOG.

Again, thank you for picking her out for us.

Pam and Marc Snow & Fergie


Just a quick note to say thank you for bring the puppy to us. He is a gem. We did rename him though, his new name is Eddie. It was what we could all agree on. We would like to let you know, and please pass on the info to everyone involved, what a wonderful job you do on breeding. This is by far the best puppy we have ever gotten from a breeder. He seems to be very, very smart, a non barker, and very lovable. We are enjoying having him. I will let you know how we progress. If you ever have anyone who needs a reference please have them contact me.

Thanks again

Laurie Collins

Dear Beth, We just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how Tucker is doing. He is such a love. He is playful with a rope and his "baby" and then when he is ready to settle down he just seems to melt. He is quite the snuggler. He loves to curl up in a chair with us or better yet in bed for a nap. He has been good about his crate. He has also found a hiding place for any possessions he wants to make his such as socks, shoes or a beanie baby or two. We know right where to look if we are missing something. He can really fly when he takes off running in the yard. He was at the vet the day after we got him and he weighed 8 1/2 #. At his 15 week checkup he was up to 11 #. They are pleased with his progress. He loves to get treats.

I'm sure you must miss him because I can't imagine what it would be like without him now. It's a good thing you have puppies on occasion to get your fill of "puppy breath". We will fill you in on more "Tucker Tales" as he grows. Take care and tell Chellie Hi.

Sincerely, Tucker's Family

Hi Beth: Our new little guy of now 6 months old is a wonderful dog. We named him Theodore Grand Destiny or Teddy for short. He was and still is a teddy bear. He is very smart and acts as a true champion. He is very inquisitive and is not a yappy dog just as your web site states. As a matter of fact your web site is all truly stated. He is extremely easy to train and graduated quickly from his small kennel to our bed. We love him very much and Thank You for providing us with such a wonderful friend.

Bob & Barbara Armen, Lancaster, Ohio

Hi Beth,

Just wanted to say Thank you for providing us with such an exceptional puppy. Cosmo is my third wire and even at 9wks I can really see the difference a champion bloodline can make in a dog. He is beautiful! You were so right, when something catches his attention and he stands head up, intend on his prey---Wow! No doubt in my mind he would out shine any other dog in a show ring. His personality is wonderful. He is out going and full of energy and fun, but also very much a cuddle puppy. He follows me or his big sis Belle (our female wire) everywhere. Cosmo is also very bright--he has already learned to sit and the potty training is going well. He is just the perfect fit to our household! You do a wonderful job with the breed and it shows.

Thanks again

Bill, Debbie, and Sam Goode

Lafayette, Indiana

You sent us our beautiful Casey in 2004. She is alive & well & reasonably healthy and the most lively, lovely dog we have ever owned. Thank You for breeding these amazing animals. Here is a very recent photo her. I imagine I will be contacting you in the hopefully very distant future about the purchase of another of these wonderful pets. The pups on your website right now are beautiful.

Anyway, just checkin' in. gary