Birchhurst Kennels in Indiana

My mom, Joyce Hurst Buckingham , started raising Wires back in 1962. My siblings and I all developed an appreciation for this wonderful breed. To us, there is no other breed of dog that compares to the Wire Fox in terms of intelligence, spirit, and good- natured play. Our dogs played with us as young children. We used to argue about who would have the family dog at the foot of his/her bed on any given night. We were never without our dogs. Today, there are 4 branches of the Birchhurst Kennel. My mom still has a few dogs. My sister, Amy, has a kennel in Ohio. Bruce is in North Carolina. And I have a small kennel in Indiana. We are devoted to breeding a fun loving family pet. I have a young daughter and son now and I can only hope that they too grow to appreciate these special dogs as I have.