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Foundation Course (FC): Introduction to Basic Economics   

Should real wages of workers go up in Indian Manufacturing 

Session One:Introduction, Session Two: Backward bending labour supply,

Ministry of Labour, National Labour Commission Report, Labour Bureau,

Director General of Employment & Training, Archives of Indian Labour,   National Sample Survey,

International Labour Organization, The Adecco TISS Labour Market Research Initiatives



Urban Economics

Course Content: Urban_Economic_format.doc


Social Network Analysis

Course Outline 



O' Level Economics

Presentation 1 ,  Presentation 2Presentation 3: Presentation 4 Presentation 5Presentation 6

 Presentation 7   

Spreadsheet:  lawofreturns.xlsprodfunction.xlscmiedata.xlscost.xlsprodfunction.xlsRevenue.xls



Notes: binoonmargin.docbinoonutility.docchange_in_demand.docdemandRevenue.docproduction.doc,

Economics of Growth: Course Outline,   Applied Econometrics:  AppliedEconometrics.doc

 Supply Chain Management  SupplyChainManagementCRM.doc  SCM_Theme1.ppt, SCM_Theme2.ppt, SCM_Theme3.ppt, SCM_Theme4.ppt