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2018 Annual Membership Meeting & Grant Awards

The Bill Long Foundation’s annual membership meeting was held April 11th, 2018, in the Heiser Auditorium, Kendal at Oberlin – beginning with socializing at 6:30pm and the business meeting at 7:00pm. Foundation members heard 18 grant requests requesting more than $49,000 from 16 local organizations for Oberlin community projects. This is a unique event as the membership considers the proposal applications and then discusses and votes the level of funding to be awarded. Interested people can become members of the foundation at the door. This year over $37,000 was awarded by the Foundation and an additional $9,200 was contributed by the audience at the meeting resulting in over $46,000 being awarded to projects supporting local activities.

2018 BLF Grant Awards
2018 Grant Awards
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Annual Membership Meeting
Annual Membership Meeting - April 11, 2018

Members heard about this year's grant requests, voted for new board members,

and decided where Bill Long Foundation grant money should go.

SITES project - funded by Bill Long Foundation
Projects receiving funds from the Bill Long Foundation
(Photos provided by organizations receiving BLF grant funding)

The Bill Long Foundation (BLF) provides small grants to projects and activities that meet basic human needs or enrich the cultural life of the Oberlin community and its environment.  We encourage applications from organizations we have not previously funded. Our grants typically range from $125 to $3,000. 

The application process is simple. 

1. Complete the application form linked below. All requests must be received by February 8, 2019.

2. Find a member of BLF who thinks what you’re doing is a good idea and would sponsor your request.

3Submit your completed request in one of these ways:

email :
regular US mail: Bill Long Foundation, P.O. Box 0141, Oberlin, OH 44074
personal delivery to: Krista Long, Ben Franklin/MindFair Books, 13 W. College St., Oberlin 

4. Come to our annual membership meeting April 10, 2019, in the Kendal Heiser Auditorium to present your request and answer our members’ questions. Grant requests are voted on by the membership at this meeting so it is imperative that someone be present who is knowledgeable about your request. Groups who fail to do this rarely get funded.

5. Submit by October 1, 2019, a brief written mid-year report acknowledging receipt of funds and providing a summary, as specific as possible, of how funds were used and how effectively the goals of your project were met. Including photographs with your report is encouraged. Those photographs may be posted on this website.

Suggestions for applicants preparing for their presentation at the annual meeting are including in a document below (BLF Annual Meeting Applicant Directions).

Organizations that have received BLF Grants include:

Oberlin Schools - Eastwood/Prospect PTO
Oberlin Schools - Eastwood/Prospect STEM
Oberlin Schools - Eastwood Elementary School
Oberlin Schools - Farm Collective
Oberlin Schools - High School Band
Oberlin Schools - High School Bike Club
Oberlin Schools - High School Drama Club
Oberlin Schools - High School Guidance Department
Oberlin Schools - High School Hi-Y
Oberlin Schools - High School HOBY
Oberlin Schools - High School Interact Club
Oberlin Schools - High School Library
Oberlin Schools - High School Media Club
Oberlin Schools - High School Middle Years IB Program
Oberlin Schools - High School National Honor Society
Oberlin Schools - High School Orchestra
Oberlin Schools - High School Ski Club
Oberlin Schools - International Baccalaureate
Oberlin Schools - Langston Middle School PTO
Oberlin Schools - Langston Middle School 8th Grade Washington DC Trip
Oberlin Schools - Langston Middle School Field Trip
Oberlin Schools - Langston Middle School Model UN
Oberlin Schools - Langston Middle School Room 200
Oberlin Schools - Open Room Opera
Oberlin Schools - Science Camp
Oberlin Schools - Special Needs Pre-School
Oberlin Skate Park

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