Data Marketplaces Workshop

6. November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Today, data is the key resource. Collecting data about users (e.g., search queries) or created by users (e.g., photos or messages) is crucial to many of the most successful businesses of our time. As a result, for many companies, it is vital to keep this resource closed. However, in other areas, a push towards opening data is seen, e.g., in the smart cities domain. Here, platforms are needed that make sharing data most efficient. In other domains, e.g., industrial manufacturing, data is still tightly locked. However, a trend shows that industrial data shall be shared with specific third parties, e.g., for specialized analytics. In both cases, enabling the monetization of using or processing of data is crucial for new business models. Data marketplaces are needed to enable these functionalities. These data marketplaces need to be capable of enabling this in a trusted and secure manner where all the peers can equally contribute and every single step is auditable. New technologies, such as distributed ledgers (e.g., Blockchain), can be used to enable such trusted data marketplaces.

Besides the ability of monetization, data marketplaces also need to handle the heterogeneity of data and facilitate to involve stakeholders to efficiently discover, exchange and finally integrate data into their applications and products. Common vocabularies and semantic data models are important features of data marketplaces in order to bridge the interoperability gap and automate data integration at scale.

In this workshop, invited experts will provide their views on the following topics:

  • Blockchain approaches for data marketplaces (e.g. smart contracts, payment)
  • Business model and opportunities on monetizing data via marketplaces for smart cities or industries
  • Data interoperability (semantic & syntactic) for scalable discovery and integration
  • Security and privacy aspects on sharing data (e.g., compliance with the GDPR)

The target audience of the of this workshop are potential users of data marketplaces, such as cities or other IoT ecosystem promoters, startups who are active in the area of data marketplaces or enabling technologies, and enterprises shaping products of the future to address the identified needs.

The workshop will take place on the 6th November 2018 in Berlin, Germany at the Bosch IoT Campus.

This workshop is financially supported by the project “Bridging the Interoperability Gap” (BIG IoT) funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020.