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Workouts for Swim Coaches
iTunes App Store
  • Version 5.0 is now Available for your iPad (iOS 5 +)
    • version 5.00 released March 2015
    • version 1 originally released August 23, 2011
  • Create workouts directly on your iPad and Email them to other coaches

  • Record Test Sets (new in version 4.0)
  • Sync and share through your DropBox or iCloud Drive
    • Imports Team Manager Workouts
    • New and improved for version 5.0
    • iCloud Drive supported on iOS 8 or higher

  • Highly configurable
    • Use your terminology
    • Save Favorite Sets and Circuits
  • Run the workout using the built in Pace Clock

  • Great reason to get that iPad you’ve always wanted!!
  • Notes on Exporting to Team Manager
    • A fix for exporting to Team Manager was added to Workouts version 4.03.  Please make sure you are running this version.
    • To get exports working properly, you must make some changes in the Workouts app to match the energy codes in Team Manager.  Team Manager writes the index associated with the Energy code list in their application.  This index must be specified in the TM Id field for the Energy values.  The defaults values in the US version of Team Manager is:
      • 1 - REC
      • 2 - EN1
      • 3 - EN2
      • 4 - EN3
      • 5 - SP1
      • 6 - SP2
      • 7 - SP3
  • Old Version 3.0 User Guide Click HERE

  • Old Version 3.0 YouTube Instruction Video Click HERE

  • Really Old Version Guide
    • Click HERE to download the Workouts User Guide (pdf format)
    • Release notes for version 2.00 -> CLICK HERE (pdf format)

  • Special thanks to A-Style Ad Agency for the super sweet graphics.
    • Send me an email if you want A-Style to design super sweet graphics for your app.

Live Results iPhone and Android App
Live Results
iTunes App Store
Android Market
Android  Market
  • This application is designed to easily navigate Web results that are produced by some meet management software used by meet hosts for swimming and track&field meets to record results and produce reports.  Click on links below to see a list of teams/meets that have posted Live Results in the past that have been available through the app.

    Results can be filtered to easily find an athlete or all team members in an event.

  • Upcoming meets: Swimming and Track&Field

  • CLICK HERE to download the IPHONE Live Results User Guide (pdf format)

  • CLICK HERE to download the ANDROID Live Results User Guide (pdf format)

My DMB iPhone App
iTunes App Store
  • This App will help you keep track of the DMB shows that you have attended and other favorite shows that you wish you were at.

    You can browse the entire DMB show database very quickly using powerful find and sort features. Once you find a show, you can view set lists on your iPhone or iPod Touch and tag the show a Favorites or My Show.

    For My Show and Favorite Shows, you can also see a summary of all songs played in the shows and how many times they were played.

    This is a must for any Dave Matthews Band fan.

  • Click HERE to download the My DMB User Guide (pdf format)

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