The Culbert Library is a public collection of Esperanto books, magazines, and related material. Established in 2004, it’s based on the extensive collection accumulated by Dr. Sidney S. Culbert. The collection has since been augmented by material contributed by Dr. Harry Weiner and others, and from the estates of Roan Orloff Stone and David B. Richardson.

In addition to its physical collection, the Culbert Library provides access to certain Esperanto material on the web. Check our catalog to see what’s available, visit the archives of downloadable documents, or use the search box at the top of the page. The Culbert Library also has a blog, mostly in Esperanto, here.

For more information, please contact:

Paula Johnson Ross, Curator

Biblioteko Culbert

117 E Louisa St #286

Seattle, WA 98102-3203

Email: sukerolibroj@gmail.com

Sid & Ruth Culbert were the driving force behind the Esperanto movement in the Seattle area for many years. To see some of their Esperanto memorabilia, click here.