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**New European Bible and Commentaries written by Duncan Heaster and formatted for various Bible Software programs by Brian A.
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*** Tyre and the Cherub - Ezek 28 (19 mins)*** Lucifer Exposed - Isa 14 (12 mins)*** Baptism - Why and How? (10 mins) *** CHERUBIM BIBLE STUDIES (10 mins ea.) 1. Cherubim in Eden (Genesis 3:24) 2. Cherubim in Eden (contd) 3. Cherubim in the Mosaic Tabernacle 4. Cherubim in Solomon's Temple 5. Cherubim of Ezekiel 6. Cherubim of Ezekiel (contd) 7. Cherubim in Revelation 8. Cherubim in Revelation (contd)