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Please note: The resources on this site have - nearly all - been authored by people who have a similar understanding of Bible truth to mine;

but there are often differences of opinion on matters that do not affect our salvation



Bible Studies Videos by Brian A. Open

  1. The Cherubim in Eden Parts 1 &2

  2. The Cherubim in the Mosaic Tabernacle

  3. The Cherubim in Solomon's Temple

  4. The Cherubim in Ezekiel's Visions Parts 1 & 2

  5. The Cherubim of Revelation Parts 1 & 2

  6. Tyre and the Cherub of Ezekiel 28

  7. Lucifer Exposed

  8. Baptism - Why and How?

Bible Graphics

  • ** Crucifixion-Week Graphics (Including a Time-Chart of the Week) by Brian A. Open

  • ** Free Graphics 1 by Brian A. Open

  • ** Free Graphics 2 by Brian A. Open

Magazine Indexes

  • ** The Testimony Subject Index 1981-2022 by Brian A. Click on "HOME" then Testimony Index.

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