Bottle Opener Shank

Bottle opener shanks were first made popular by Joe Bianchi in Victoria, Texas in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Joe may or may not be a distant relative of mine, but either way, he paved the way and set the standard for the bottle opener style shank.


#3 show spurs


Joe Bianchi #3 Style

McChesney style double mounted peanut band built with Bianchi style shank.

This pair is mounted with sterling silver and brass overlay, stainless rowels.

Antique-style sterling silver inlaid split band with clover leaf rowels, custom buttons. Handmade leathers and buckles.

Nickel silver on steel with handmade, scalloped engraved rowels.

Contoured band with overlaid longhorn and dropped bottle opener shank with blunt tip 9 point rowels. Nickel and brass overlay with upturned buttons.