Fabio Biancalana obtained his 'Laurea' degree in Theoretical Particle Physics in 2001 at the University of Roma III, Italy. His PhD project at the University of Bath (UK) was about the theoretical and numerical understanding of supercontinuum generation and various nonlinear effects in photonic crystal fibres. Fabio is the recipient of the 15th and last Deryck Chesterman Medal (Univ. of Bath, 2005), for outstanding research in physics. Fabio spent 2 years at the Tyndall National Institute in Cork (Ireland), working on the solitonic sector of the coherent semiconductor Bloch equations, and on the dynamical propagation of pulses in spatiotemporal photonic crystals. At the Tyndall Institute he was awarded an IRCSET Postdoctoral Fellowship (2006). After that he moved to Cardiff University (UK) where he holds an EPSRC Fellowship in Theoretical Physics (2007), working on the project Nonlinear Resonant Optical Phenomena And Solitons In Polaritonic Photonic Crystals.

From January 2009 until August 2014, Dr. Biancalana has led the Max Planck Research Group on "Nonlinear Photonic Nanostructures" at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany.

He is now an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering & Physics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, and the leader of the Nonlinear Photonic Nanostructures group at the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences.

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Latest Research News:

August 2018: Solitons = Black holes ! We have found deep connections between solitons in 2D and black holes. Now easy to calculate Hawking temperature and entropy for a large variety of solitons. Check the preprint here

August 2017: The SUSY method in 1D quantum mechanics has been extended to nonlinear Hamiltonians, allowing to find SUSY-partner equations of the NLSE! Check the preprint here

June 2017: Breaking news! We have found a new super-accurate formulation of the Ikeda map based on coupled Lugiato-Lefever! Check the preprint here  (thanks to Miro, Stuart and Stephane for helping!)

March 2017: Giant nonlinearities in type-II supercondutors! see preprint here

January 2017: Breaking news! We found theoretically and experimentally (in collaboration with Tom Rogers in Daniele Faccio's group) a new type of resonant radiation emitted by solitons: see PRL paper here

October 2016: Rogue waves as interplay between Anderson localization and horizon effects! see preprint here

August 2016: Breaking news! We have discovered that ALL integrable solitons evaporate emitting Hawking-like quantum radiation! See the preprint here

June 2016: New experiments on the non-perturbative nonlinear optics of graphene! here 

May 2016: We discovered a novel type of symmetry breaking in graphene, leading to new nonlinear effects! here

July 2015: Review paper on the soliton dynamics in hollow-core PCFs in presence of ionization and Raman gases, here

June 2015: Formulation of a new `extended' Lugiato-Lefever equation in cavities - showing negative frequency effects! here, accepted by PRL!

 Read the SPIE Newsroom article here

May 2015: Finally explaining why rogue solitons in fibers are rare and why they form, with the Energy Landscape: here

January 2015: We have studied the self-phase modulation of an intense pulse in presence of third-harmonic generation and negative frequency components. Surprisingly, new SPM lobes appear near the pulse, another signature of negative frequencies in nonlinear optics. See the paper here.

January 2015: We have methodically worked out the main ingredients of supercontinuum generation in Raman-gas media. The dynamics strangely resembles the physics of electrons in periodic media subject to an external electric field. See the paper here.