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My avid interest is the latest developments in electronics, telecommunications, space, astronomy, music and robotics.

Started assembling small circuits since more than 30 years.

Assembled my first valve radio, then the transistor radio, and B&W TV using thermionic valves.

Later on assembled a TV using ICs .

The fascination and interest in astronomy came after reading about Astronomy in Pears Encyclopedia. This interest encouraged to assemble the first 3" reflector telescope and presented to my grand daughter.

Later on build the 8" reflector, from grinding the main mirror to making the Dobsonian Mount.

The picture of the telescope is on the left hand side.

Now I am gathering information on the latest developments in the electronic sector, telecommunications, robotics and astronomy

My main activity now is keeping in touch with the latest developments in the field of electronics, astronomy, robotics, and telecommunications and smart phones.

Bhasker Raj



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