Welcome to Digital Creations by Venkat

I am an educator in Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology with an interest in creative design. This is a collection spanning over almost a decade and evolving along the way. I think I can do form and color and now. I am working on texture and composition. (These are low res images to stay withing the size limit of the site)

Here is a sample of my work. Almost all of these designs involve Bézier Curves and Patches
(Continues here)

  • All of these are created through programming
  • They are mix of deterministic and stochastic decisions
  • They provide a range of fresh designs or forms
  • They provide a range of fresh color combinations
  • They provide a range of fresh lines and curves and patches
  • They can be infinitely reproduced in similar forms and no two are exactly the same
  • They are created fast and inexpensively 
  • They are easily scaled
  • They can be created at a resolution of 600 and and can easily be enhanced though a graphics editor

P. Venkatarman

PS: The site continues BEZIER PATCHES II

Please view a sample collection through the links above.  If you wish any in a higher resolution please request.

Framed Designs (edited)