My name is Venkat, short for Venkataraman. I am a retired academic living in Rochester, NY, USA. I previously taught mechanical and aerospace engineering, and during my career, developed skills and expertise in mathematical modeling, optimization, numerical methods, and computer programming.

P. Venkataraman


I have always loved creative art and design. In addition to my engineering work, I developed a passion for using mathematical modeling, in particular Bézier curves, patches, and volumes, to create digital graphics. For those who are hearing about Bézier Curves for the first time they are used to define mathematically smooth and aesthetic curves. They were first used to define the shape of an automobile body by Pierre Bézier. These curves were initially useful in my technical research, but their smooth and clean look captured my fancy and led me to explore their use in decorative art.

For more than a decade I have used Bézier curves and extended them creatively and along the way compiled a growing diverse collection of Graphic Elements. These also have an element of randomness that makes every executed design and print an original one. My creations have a range of form and color that are new, refreshing, and difficult to find elsewhere.

My creations are therefore completely mathematically defined and filled with color. They are coded and executed using general purpose technical software, such as MATLAB, Octave, or Python.

This site is a themed collection of graphics prior to 2018. It is continued in the link below in a more organized manner

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