Between 1766 and 1970 the Bessingham estate was owned and managed by the Spurrell family. 

Bessingham: The Story of a Norfolk Estate, 1766-1970
explores the family's personal role in running the estate, as well as the lives of the men, women and children who worked on it.  It is the first in-depth history of Bessingham and is the result of many years of painstaking research by Jonathan Spurrell, using family papers, farm records, maps and interviews with recent residents.

The book contains more than seventy illustrations and maps over 272 pages.  It will appeal not only to people who have personal connections with Bessingham, but also to anyone interested in the history and landscape of Norfolk.

The book was printed by Barnwell Print, a local family-owned business based in Aylsham, and contains a foreword by Shelagh Hutson, former Chairman of Norfolk County Council.

The author
Jonathan Spurrell is a translator and editor.  He has been researching his family history for almost twenty years and has written a number of articles for local history societies.  His interests are in social, political and landscape history, particularly in Norfolk and East Anglia.  This is his first book.

Book launch
The book launch for 'Bessingham: The Story of a Norfolk Estate, 1766-1970' was held at Bessingham Manor House on 30 September 2016.  About forty current or former residents of the village came along to meet the author, buy copies of the book, and chat with old friends and neighbours.