I am a linguist from Vic (Catalonia). I am currently in my last year as a PhD candidate at the Centre for Language and Cognition of the University of Groningen. I received an MA in linguistics from Paris VII (Université Denis Diderot). I completed my undergraduate degrees in translation and in applied linguistics at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. 

My doctoral research focuses on morphosyntactic issues in Panará (Jê), a language on which I periodically conduct fieldwork in Brazil. More specifically, I am interested in the syntax of participants: case marking of core arguments, promotion of obliques, and the cross-reference morphology that marks participants on the predicate head. My supervisor is Jan-Wouter Zwart.

During 2017-18 I am also a visiting student researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.


April 3, 2018
I have been invited to give a lecture on fieldwork research
in the Amazon at the Lân fan taal series in Leeuwarden:

January 2018
My paper "Unwrapping the Panará verb package" has been 
published online on the WSCLA conference proceedings, in 
the UBCWPL series: