I am a linguist from Vic (Catalonia). I am currently a fourth year PhD candidate at the Centre for Language and Cognition of the University of Groningen. I hold an MA in linguistics from Paris VII (Université Denis Diderot). I received my undergraduate degreees in translation and in applied linguistics at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. 

My research focuses on morphosyntactic issues in Panará (Jê), a language on which I periodically conduct field work in Brazil. More specifically, I am interested in the syntax of participants: case marking of core arguments, promotion of obliques, and the complex morphology that marks dependents on the predicate head. My supervisor is Jan-Wouter Zwart.

In the Winter Spring semester of 2017 I will be a visiting student researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

January 2017
Off to Texas for my first LSA Meeting experience.

December 2016
A little visit to London for LDLT5 at SOAS.

May 2016
Off to Brazil and Colombia for Amazónicas VI, and then some fieldwork with the Panará until August.

January 2016
The University of Groningen's Graduate School for the Humanities put me on the spotlight.