The Handbook of Behavioral Operations Management:
Social and Psychological Dynamics in Production and Service Settings
Dr. Elliot Bendoly, Dr. Wout Van Wezel, Dr. Daniel G. Bachrach, Eds.    
Behavioral operations management explores the interaction of human behaviors and operational systems and processes. ....Specifically, the study of behavioral operations management has the goal of identifying ways in which human psychology and sociological phenomena impact operational performance, as well as identifying the ways in which operations policies impact such behavior.

The chapters contributed in this handbook represent exemplars of the efforts made by broad-minded and practice-oriented instructors and scholars, willing to break from the confines of standard models and flawed assumptions. The exercises capture aspects of the best of teaching approaches in modern practice-oriented operations management, as upheld by the top management degree programs in the world. The intention is threefold:
1) Augment core content, by offering exercises that span and expand on topics typical of core operations management instruction
2) Support elective content by offering multiple related exercises specific to a focal topic
3) Support training in practice, ensuring that the descriptions of the exercises are available and easy to leverage by those already in practice
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            2015 Oxford University Press
                ISBN: 978-0199357222

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