Praise for Wishbones:

"Like most of our best writers, he takes the time to notice significance in his life and capture that significance in the literary art of haiku."

~ Randy Brooks, Frogpond 42:1 (2019)

“Moeller-Gaa writes with enviable command of the poetic possibilities inherent in haiku, playing with unexpected juxtapositions, reversals of causality, perceptual surprise, and more.”

~ Michele Root-Bernstein, Modern Haiku 50.2 (2019)

Praise for Fiddle in the Floorboards:

"One core aspect of haiku/senryu is that they trade on a collaboration with the reader. In that aspect, the best of them have an improvisational theme that is core. -- Ben Moeller-Gaa has penned his work in a way that reminds me of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, or Muddy Waters."

~ Michael Rehling editor of Failed Haiku