Selected Writings

O'Reilly Strata, O'Reilly Radar, and Forbes

Mining Time-series with Trillions of Points: Dynamic Time Warping at scale, October, 2012

A quick overview of the App Economy, using data from the iTunes app store, February, 2011 (video of my keynote presentation at TOC/2011)

Compressed Sensing and Big Data, October, 2010

Some thoughts on (natural language) Search, September, 2010

How to nurture Data Scientists, July, 2010

2010 Web 2.0 Summit: By the Numbers, November, 2010

Mobiles and Money in the Developing World, O'Reilly Release 2.0 (Issue 2.0.12, April, 2009, pp. 2-10)

Our Search for Intelligent Software Agents, O'Reilly Release 2.0 (Issue 2.0.12, April, 2009, pp. 11-14)

Big Data: Technologies and Techniques for Large-Scale Data, O'Reilly Release 2.0 (Issue 2.0.11, February, 2009) [Contact me for a 50% discount code. Click HERE for more on Big Data.]

Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution, O'Reilly Radar Report, November 2008

Where 2.0: The State of the Geospatial Web, O'Reilly Radar Report, September 2008

Virtual Worlds: A Business Guide, O'Reilly Radar Report, March 2008

The Facebook Application Platform, O'Reilly Radar Report, October 2007


What aspiring investment bankers need to know about Wall Street,  Quant Network, June 2010

Dynamic Delta Hedging: A Short Overview, WIC News, September 1999

Mean Reverting Trading Systems, WIC News, September 1998

Much Ado About Something: Portfolio Management Revisited, WIC News, June 1998

Value-At-Risk Explained, WIC News, May 1998

On Portfolio Management: Put Your Money Where Your Math Is, WIC News, April 1998

Market Research and Marketing
Attribute Relative Importance Computation in Conjoint Analysis (with M. Rahman), Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences, 1999

Semi-regular Dimes: Interesting items from the world of data, finance, technology, marketing, and beyond.