All SASS Rules apply. All shooters are expected to be familiar with SASS rules. The only thing more important than having fun is a safe shoot. Each shooter is also a Safety Officer. If you see something unsafe, speak up.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Belton Gun Club property. No one will be allowed to shoot if they are impaired.

This is a cold range. That means that firearms can only be loaded at the loading table under the supervision of a Safety Officer. Firearms must be inspected at the unloading table prior to leaving the stage. If you arrive at the next stage and there are spent or live rounds in any firearm, it will be a stage DQ for the previous stage. Cap and ball pistols are considered loaded only if there is a cap on the cylinder.

The 170 rule is in effect. Please watch you muzzles.

Only registered shooters may wear firearms.

A round over the berm is a Match DQ.

Once the first round goes down range, you are committed to the stage. If you have a firearm or ammunition malfunction, declare the malfunction and hand it off to the Timer Operator. Then continue with the rest of the stage.

Stage Re-shoots will only be allowed for the following reasons:

· Prop or match equipment failure

· Range officer impeding the progress of a shooter

· Timer failure or unrecorded time.

Shotguns may be loaded on the move, however once the action is closed, the basketball traveling rule is in effect. One foot must remain stationary. No drive by loadings. You cannot load a live round into a shotgun and then proceed to shoot another firearm.

Unsafe firearm handling – or rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Eye and Ear protection is required at all times in the shooting bays. If you forgot your eye or ear protection, we can fix you up.

All disputes must be addressed before the Posse leaves that stage. If a problem should arise, take it away from the firing line and have the Timer Operator contact the Posse Leader. If the dispute cannot be rectified, the Posse Leader will contact the Match Director. Decisions are final at this point. Be safe and have a good shoot.