Next Match Is

Don't forget if you want to save ammo, try the government category... 2 stages no pistols, 2 stages no rifle, and 2 stages no shotgun. Or Big Buckaroo... 22s but normal round count.

All regular categories shoot normal.


Cowboy Registration - 8:30 AM

Safety Meeting - 9:30 AM

Shooting Starts - Approximately 9:35 AM

We shoot the 2nd Saturday of Each Month!

6 Stages on 3 Bays


(approximately 60 rifle rounds, 60 revolver rounds, and 25 shot shells)

SASS Rules Apply

2022 SC State Championships

April 7-9, 2022

We are a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) cowboy action shooting club located at the Belton Gun Club in Belton, South Carolina.


Our goal is a fun club that welcomes all shooters at all levels. We hope to build our ranks and the shooting sports through community involvement and the open acceptance of both new and veteran shooters.

We want to invite everyone to come out and shoot!